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UK Investor Show 2015 – First 21 Speakers announced for April 18: Get your early bird ticket NOW


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“You disgusting man. You won't have many tears shed over your demise. Rip Bob!”

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“You disgusting man. You won't have many tears shed over your demise. Rip Bob!” So came the comment from Michelle Ryan after my piece on Bob Crow. She may well be correct about the reaction to my demise whenever it happens. Michelle: do you think I give a flying fuck? After a lifetime of getting abuse from those who disagreed with me, when I am ambling up to meet St Peter on that fateful day of judgement (the outcome of which I am not optimistic about) the amount of tears shed by the living will not be my concern. 

St Peter will accuse me of many things and I shall accept my sins. One thing he will not accuse me of is mincing my words. In life I viewed Bob Crow as an appalling man and in death I view him the same way. Why pretend otherwise?

The arrogance of the left is to describe Crow as a man who fought for the working classes. This is simply not true. When the tube workers went on strike investment bankers simply travelled by taxi and felt no impact. It was the genuinely poor, working classes that suffered as they walked to work/shared minicabs at great cost.  Equally Crow remaining in a Council house when he could on his gargantuan wage have afforded better, ensured one more working class family suffered homelessness.

The London metro is far more expensive than Metros in other major cities. Part of the reason for this is that its drivers are paid far too much and because it retains structural inefficiencies such as manned ticket counters. For an investment banker tube travel is a small portion of his disposabale income. It is the genuinely poor workers who are screwed by the system. And Crow

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Empresaria - decent results: we are 77% ahead on this share tip but more to come

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International specialist staffing group now operating in 19 countries, Empresaria (EMR) is a share tip that sees us 77% ahead on an offer to bid basis. But there is more to come.

The company yesterday announced an adjusted pre-tax profit of £5.4 million and 24% increase in adjusted earnings per share, to 6.2p, for 2013. The company added that “market conditions are improving in the UK and Continental Europe and whilst the Rest of the World is more challenging than in recent years, we continue to see good growth opportunities”.

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The Great Uncles in Greek Graves – far more questions than answers

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My video postcard this weekend covered my plans to go to Greece after the UK Investor Show to track down the graves of my two great Uncles: Francis and David Cochrane. I think we have now firmly established that Francis is buried in Egypt (contrary to a family myth) where he died on December 21st 1942 from wounds received fighting the Germans. For him the great mystery is the odd circumstances of his marriage.

He married a Diana Norman in Paddington in the late summer of 1938. Apparently the witness at the registry office was the taxi driver. However despite living in Chelsea, two miles from my grandparents and fifteen miles from his parents, he did not tell anyone of his marriage until the summer of 1942 (my Grandmother’s diary confirms this) when, before leaving for Egypt he visited relatives with his bride of four years.

This seems very odd behaviour. Almost as odd is that this is the last time Diana Norman is seen – she had absolutely no contact thereafter with my family. I can find no record of her death so can only assume that she is either still alive (she would now be 99), died abroad or re-married and has died under another name. Investigations continue. My father and I are on the case.

As for poor David, he is certainly buried in Greece. I have today received two items from my father. The first is a letter to the Times from Mr Caclamanos of the Greek Legation in London. It protests in the strongest terms about the actions of Sir George Young, grandfather of the current Leader of the House and of my step-mother, who had taken up the case of David, insisting that he had been killed by brigands or by shepherds who, according to Sir George, routinely killed anyone who tried to stop their dogs barking.

The Greek states that “I understand that the contents of the letter and other declarations of Sir George of this subject, sent out in Press telegrams, have caused an outburst of protests in Greece, and they are considered an unjust and unfair comment of a sad, fortuitous event, which could not in any way reflect upon the reputation of a country justly claiming to be safe for tourists and travellers as any other civilised country.”

To his eternal credit, Sir George worked tirelessly on this case because his wife was my Great Grandmother’s sister. My father is indeed married to his second cousin.  The second item to arrive from Shipston is a rather sad letter from the Foreign Office to Sir George noting that, after a year missing, the remains of the body of poor David had been found in thick bushes with his passport, a cheque and his English money and gold watch. No brigands, no robbery, he simply fell down a ravine. 

This letter confirms that following the wishes of David’s father, “regarding the burial locally of the remains have been communicated to his Majesty’s Minister.” It seems that no-one travelled out to Greece for the funeral but the grave is almost certainly in Delphi or nearby. And thus it is to Delphi that I will be heading in April.



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BONUS Session announced for UK Investor show: “UK House Prices will Crash by 2020”

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Surely 12 sessions and 44 speakers is enough for the UK Investor Show on April 5 in Westminster? Well it is but we had forgotten something: UK residential property. Problem fixed – we have squeezed in an additional debate with a bull and a bear.

You can read full details of the 44 speaker line-up headlined by Ben Edelman, Nigel Wray, Vin Murria, David Lenigas, Terry Smith, Mark Slater, Evil Knievil & Lucian Miers HERE

The debate is between two libertarian thinkers trained in economics. Richard Poulden will argue that there will be no crash. I shall argue that there will be one.

This is our sixth annual debate and the score is currently 3-2 to Richard. 

Our debates are informal if information packed. Hence we kick off this one at 9.20 AM as a sort of warm up for the main talks which start at 9.50 AM.  Doors open at 9 AM.

The show is as of today 81% sold out. If you want to get a ticket (while stocks last) you can book HERE


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RIP Bob Crow of the RMT – You will not be Missed in the slightest (apology for earlier article)

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I have been panned for criticising Bob Crow who died today. In that vein I apologise for that piece and have amended my original piece with the change in italics. See below.

You are not meant to say bad things about those who have just died…but for fat hypocritical selfish bastards like Bob Crow, the head of the tube driver’s union, the RMT, one can make an exception. Crow died of a heart attack this morning.

Crow lived the high life as a Union boss. He was paid a huge wage and his expenses bill for fine wining and dining was a disgrace. His lifestyle did not exactly show solidarity with the workers.

Moreover under his leadership, the tube drivers have held Londoners to ransom for years, blocking change when change was needed and negotiating wages which are thoroughly unjustifiable. By 2015 a tube driver ( who takes just six weeks to learn his or her trade) will, for a 35 hour week with generous holidays be getting a package worth £52,000 a year. That is just shocking and cannot be justified.

Crow has extracted such a package by regularly holding Londoners to ransom with strike action which causes misery for us all. And then of course he also launched strike action for purely political purposes, often on days when England were playing a soccer match, so the drivers could see the game.

While trousering £150,000 a year plus grotesque expenses Comrade Crow lived in a council house paying a trivial rent. That meant he was even richer and a really poor person was deprived of social housing. In practice, such was the solidarity this fat, selfish, greedy arsehole showed with the working classes. I apologise for omitting this fact from my earlier piece.

Britain is better off without this blackmailing bastard who grew fat thanks to inflicting misery on the rest of us. While his family may miss him and have my sympathies I would be a hypocrite if did not say that I – and 99% of the population – will not miss him at all.

PS I see that uber-scumbag George Galloway is to write a glowing tribute to Comrade Crow in the Guardian later today.  That says it all.


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Barraco barner 17 GCSE twitter girl is dumb but Britain is dumber still

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If barraco barner is our president why is he getting involved in Russia, scary tweeted 20 year old Gemma Worrall (@gemworrallx) a 20 year old receptionist at a Blackpool beauty salon the other day. This tweet from a bird who is not a bad looker but is quite obviously thick as two short planks is now attracting worldwide attention.

Woolly-minded liberals say that at least she is showing an interest in politics and should be applauded for that. Gemma says she is now going to look more closely at events in the Ukraine. Those of us who are less charitable are minded to say that she is obviously just stupid both for her spelling of the name of President Obama and for thinking that he ran the UK.

Taking the third way, to quote the war criminal Blair, I do not think that Gemma is in relative terms that stupid although in absolute terms she is obviously thick. After all she has 17 GCSEs and two A-Levels (in Travel & Tourism).  For that I like to think Gemma has done us all a service.

If this brainless bint has amassed 17 GCSEs that shows that, as some of us reactionaries have been suggesting for years, that these qualifications are so easy to gain that they are almost worthless. I imagine that there are tens of thousands of other imbeciles who are applauded for their “hard work” in racking up their GCSEs by their bone-idle liberal teachers but who are, in fact, just as thick at Gemma. GCSE’s are worthless pieces of paper.

Then we turn to A-Levels.

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Labour’s banker & pension tax to cure youth unemployment will not work – Ed Balls is a Moron

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Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has once again shown himself an utter moron with his plan to levy an extra tax on bankers’ bonuses and curb tax relief on pensions for higher earners to “end youth unemployment.” He is a moron because his plans will not work but he is at least playing well to the crowd.

In today’s Britain bankers are hated. So saying that you will tax them more heavily will win votes. Balls should go further and announce plans for windfall taxes on other groups who are almost universally despised, such as paedophiles, Piers Morgan or members of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary party. It would win votes but like his bankers tax plan such schemes would not work.

Why will it not work? Firstly bankers will find ways around it to move either their bonuses or indeed themselves offshore.  If a Government interferes with market forces by penalising one section of society of whom it disapproves what next? A super-tax on accountants or lawyers working for Pinsent Masons (I quite like that one)? Mess with market forces and in a mobile global market you will lose out. Just look at what has happened in France

So the take on that will be less than Balls expects

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Ukrproduct – Read between the Lines of Trading Statement: Anyone not selling is insane

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I warned the other day that the situation in Ukraine could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for AIM Cesspit listed drowning in debt dairy products group Ukrproduct (UKR). Read between the lines of a trading statement today and if you own this stock you should flee for the exit ASAP.

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The Voltaire of Twitter – Mr Luke Woods

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A very pleasing tweet received this morning from Mr Luke Woods (@applelover79) who in the manner of Voltaire notes:

Even when I don't like what you're writing I enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.”

Thank you Luke. That is much appreciated.


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