Monday August 03, 2015
Weekly Postcard #121 - The Women's FA Cup Final and what it says about the loathsome BBC
Chatting up a 93 year old in Clerkenwell
Tube Drivers = Greedy Bastards who hurt poor people: when the revolution comes


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Weekly Postcard #121 - The Women's FA Cup Final and what it says about the loathsome BBC

7 hours ago

Money Tree worshipping mad leftie Malcolm Stacey talking rot again

67 days ago

Is London a bit of a Scotland – totally out of touch with “real England”

85 days ago

Weekly postcard #104 - I agree with Nigel Farage & UKIP ( for once) and the BBCs coverage is a disgrace

140 days ago

The ShareProphets Christmas share tips, exposes & specials: programming revealed

226 days ago

Video Postcard #84 – The lies from the BBC and our leaders over ISIS edition

296 days ago

Dragon’s Den Star Piers Linney – A career of business failure revealed and the sham projection of his Outsourcery flotation

371 days ago

You have a BBC voice – how should I take that?

522 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest - Noah gives his thanks to UKIP Edition

561 days ago

Are 99% of the population of Lewisham: Mad Lefties, morbidly obese, criminally stupid or all of the above? Ref BBC Question Time

570 days ago

Man who once drive cars very fast has serious ski accident – stop the world?

579 days ago

Tom’s Video Postcard #48 – mega payoffs for failure at the BBC and across the public sector issue

637 days ago

The Biased BBC, Gay Rights, Israel and the Islamofascists

655 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – The appalling BBC Edition

666 days ago

Cupid – Devastating BBC Expose - you going to sue or come clean?

738 days ago

Language you do not wish to have to explain to your daughter at Upton Park

820 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Revolting Students Edition

834 days ago

3 -1 to the Cockney Boys but at least 1 more win needed

855 days ago

BBC News journalists on strike – 12 hours not enough – try 15 years?

858 days ago

The World’s biggest global warming nutter, Rajendra Pachauri, admits the world is not warming

892 days ago

The BBC on strike – how it changed my Day

895 days ago

The Snow Profits warnings

921 days ago

Banana Ban at BBC – Saints preserve us

939 days ago

Friday Caption Contest: No-one wants Piers Morgan Special

948 days ago

Christmas carols for Sefton Resources, the EU, Vialogy and the Modern World

952 days ago

Hari Kiri economics – Premier League Agents Fees

975 days ago

Global Warming Nutters (BBC Included) on twitter

976 days ago

Joyce Thacker: Rotherham’s Sour Faced Stasi Leader & the UKIP Foster parents scandal

982 days ago

Gaza: Peace in Our Time. Bullshit (I fear) with normal vile BBC spin

982 days ago

Trapped in Warwickshire by Global Warming

984 days ago

Celebrate – An Evil Man goes to Hell

991 days ago

Why does the West’s liberal elite deny Israel the right of self defence?

991 days ago

Paedophile Scandal at BBC and Westminster – it is the establishment cover up and faux outrage that truly revolts

999 days ago

UK’s libel laws and new media – imminent collision: Paedogeddon Westminster Issue

1003 days ago

Lunch with Contra Man

1007 days ago

Downton, Dallas, Ginger & Rosa

1008 days ago

Dallas, Downton and DCI Banks

1016 days ago

Faux New Labour outrage over Jimmy Savile joke

1025 days ago

In Defence of Facebook Tax Dodgers : The Left Just does not get it

1026 days ago

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