Tuesday October 21, 2014
Video Postcard #85 – happy Birthday Nadine, welcome to Britain & immigration issue
Video Postcard #84 – The lies from the BBC and our leaders over ISIS edition
The Mrs got carded and is feeling very smug indeed.


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First Great Western Telling Lies

2 days ago

Thinking about grapes in Bristol and at the Greek Hovel

18 days ago

A final farewell to Kambos and the Greek Hovel (for this summer)

23 days ago

The Bounty of Parsley & the Soup Solution

160 days ago

England is Beautiful

160 days ago

Getting Organised for the trip back, but planning to be back in Greece in July on a building site

172 days ago

Farewell to Bristol for a Month

202 days ago

The punctual traveller at 4.47 AM – it’s in the genes.

231 days ago

A Frog (toad?) in my garden & the useless RSPCA

244 days ago

The final journey for Kitosh (my old cat)

250 days ago

Happy Birthday to Me – Closer to 50 than 40 as of today

282 days ago

First Great Western: Can we have no slurping your coffee like a Warthog carriages?

286 days ago

The Man slumbering outside Temple Meads at 4.30 AM – my hard call for today

288 days ago

The Bitch with the baby on the train is NOT “one of the vulnerable”

301 days ago

I’ve got a baby so I can be a total bitch on the Train

303 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Saturday

310 days ago

The Fat Foxes of Bristol thank the Greens

316 days ago

The Movember tash it has gone!

317 days ago

Into the new grown up house – it happened so fast

317 days ago

Exchanged! Hooray

330 days ago

The Mrs….My people into battle at 4 PM

332 days ago

36 Hours without a cigarette

338 days ago

The Joys of the 4.47 AM from Bristol

342 days ago

It’s Hop-tu-Naa in Clerkenwell but Halloween here in Bristol: the two pumpkin recipe weekend

366 days ago

Weaning my Deluded Lefty Partner away from Labour (The People’s Party)

537 days ago

Blogging for Only One Reader

684 days ago

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