Tuesday August 04, 2015
Weekly Postcard #121 - The Women's FA Cup Final and what it says about the loathsome BBC
Chatting up a 93 year old in Clerkenwell
Tube Drivers = Greedy Bastards who hurt poor people: when the revolution comes


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Tom Winnifrith BearCast July 13: Greece - #Thisisacoup

22 days ago

EazyJet screws up - My Euro to Ouzo conversion programme continues

24 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 10 July - back to Athens for riot porn

24 days ago

Greece: Video - Farage praises Tsipras, Greek PM Tsipras looks confused

27 days ago

Greece: Tom Winnifrith: I am not a marxist, and my Euro Loon critic has no heart

27 days ago

Greece: Varoufakis quits saying “I wear the creditors' loathing with pride” – the start of the Syriza sell-out?

29 days ago

Photo article: Greece votes Oxi but some things don’t change – today’s ATM porn as banks re-open (sort of)

29 days ago

A cautionary note – The Daily Mail is lying about Greece

30 days ago

Photo article: Mummy what shall we do today in Athens? Go to the ATM darling, of course

31 days ago

Video: SwissQuote explains Currency Wars at UK Investor Show

88 days ago

Wouldn’t Grexit be bad for me personally? Yes. But why I support it 100% anyway

121 days ago

City forex dealer Alpari goes bust thanks to the Swiss: Poor West Ham

200 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Greece, the implications

215 days ago

Capitalism works…even in Greece

451 days ago

A final bitter taste of Greece - a "sharp" waiter at the Athens Sofitel

457 days ago

Euro la la Land Let’s party on with the ECB as it pretends its banks are not bust (again)

562 days ago

UKIP Complete Nutter of the week - homosexual loathing David Silvester

563 days ago

Crony capitalism EU style - Dan Hannan is THE man

577 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #37 ( looming death of the Euro edition)

772 days ago

A generation pulverized by the Euro – this is a crime against humanity

841 days ago

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013 – Our greatest ever PM

848 days ago

What Cyprus actually means – the New post Euro Order

855 days ago

BBC News journalists on strike – 12 hours not enough – try 15 years?

859 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Celebrating the Euro Edition

865 days ago

Cyprus – State Sponsored Socialist Theft in the Eurozone – it could happen here

870 days ago

What will be the Black Swan that blows up the world economy by 2015? China, US or Europe?

882 days ago

Is Spain about to go bust triggering a Lehman x 10 crisis?

895 days ago

Caitt Reilly, Idle British Youth and hard working European youth

898 days ago

Tom’s Video Postcard Number 11

1017 days ago

Vince Cable from Euro Loon to Euro Scoundrel

1023 days ago

The US Dollar – The Political Angle ahead of November 6

1036 days ago

Greek bankers on strike – this country is in dreamland

1093 days ago

Video Postcard from Albania

1095 days ago

A Second Video Postcard from Greece

1103 days ago

ECB and Bank of England behind the curve as usual – both are useless

1125 days ago

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