Saturday April 19, 2014

UK Investor Show 2015 – First 21 Speakers announced for April 18: Get your early bird ticket NOW
The Gay Tory Researchers and their Orgies – the ONLY scandal is that the taxpayer is footing the bill
Video & Photos: Finding the grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane in Delphi – Part 2


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Ariel Sharon, Israel and free speech

98 days ago

I appear to have been evicted from the Linkedin UKIP Group

132 days ago

Back to Court we go at 2.30 – Sefton’s Death Wish & Free Speech Principle at Stake

204 days ago

The Royal baby – do I care? And Peter Tatchell who I admire greatly

270 days ago

The Bulletin Board Morons – They do not like it up ‘em

282 days ago

Louise Mensch – what don’t you get about freedom you silly cow?

315 days ago

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317 days ago

I am reporting myself to the FSA/FCA to defend free speech from a firm of bully boy City lawyers

323 days ago

Bully Boy Lefties and an Orwellian view of free speech - re UKIP and Immigration

386 days ago

A free press will today be killed by a corrupt elite – but freedom will thrive online

397 days ago

Justice 4 the Sefton 2 - New T-shirt availlable

418 days ago

A Matter of principle – the frigging Google Puritans vs Doing What I want

525 days ago

Banning Page 3 is the Cry of the Insane

545 days ago

The Death of Free Speech in England

555 days ago

Was the Cat Crucified by Christians? Did Jesus marry a hooker? The point about free speech

577 days ago

Correction: Crucifying Cats, Free Speech and Islam

578 days ago

Censorship and Privacy – the Establishment ( Kate included) Do Not Get it

581 days ago

EU Prize Loon of the Week Martin Schulz

582 days ago

Shut up your bashes!

592 days ago

Viva Steyn - The Great Man vs Pathetic Mann

604 days ago

Madonna. Moralising Slut? No. Publicity whore. Probably. On Gays & Pussy Riot she is bang on the money

617 days ago

I am not a friend of Greece – It is Linkedin Official

618 days ago

Orwell Would Cry – Another day in “Free” Britain

626 days ago

Voula Papachristou – I am with Voltaire

631 days ago

Louise Mensch MP – Dumb and Dumbest The Final Word (for now)

633 days ago

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