Sunday March 01, 2015
Jeremy Clarkson is not an oaf or a buffoon for describing the welfare safari that is Liverpool 100% correctly
Weekly postcard #101: paper phalluses, lent, masks and cheese week
Breaking: Smears and Sinister Threats from Worthington PLC and its shareholders


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Worthington – I am going to piss all over you, literally

10 days ago

Is Worthington to follow Quindell, blinkx and Sefton and send me a lawyer’s letter? Round 2 with Pinsent Masons?

17 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 January

45 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 5th January

55 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips for 2015 No 3 – Sell Globo at 39p

59 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 12th November

95 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 6 November

114 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 3rd November - the Sefton lessons for Sefton, Quindell and others edition

117 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 30th October

118 days ago

BearCast Special: Deciphering the misleading or distracting RNS or RNS Reach - 4 case studies from today

130 days ago

Daniel Stewart - not enough cash to keep the FCA onside but more than enough for champagne all round

143 days ago

Let’s pretend we are taking legal action say the PLC casino “players

143 days ago

Daniel Stewart shares still suspended – shock picture from its IPO Department Revealed: Another Caption Contest

145 days ago

Sunday Caption Contest Daniel Stewart Edition – winner announced

145 days ago

Do Bulletin Board Morons Ever Learn or Ever apologise – discussion with top blogger Paul Scott

160 days ago

Evil Knievil’s top three shorts and targets: Quindell, Mothercare and Globo

203 days ago

Globo and Go!Enterprise Sales – why the Bulletin Board Morons are wrong again – and new target price set: 10p

210 days ago

Paul Scott’s Red Flag Spreadsheet

215 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – hang on fellows

216 days ago

Ref Avanti Communications, Globo, Quindell, blinkx etc LISTEN to Vin Murria in this video

225 days ago

Globo – Uh, Oh….

227 days ago

ShareProphets (Prophets of Doom), REM, Bulletin Board Morons – a FINAL word

227 days ago

Watch Evil Knievil, Matt Earl and Lucian Miers on video at the UK Investor Show 2014 – how right they were

244 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – Meaningless Gibberish

253 days ago

Twitter Moron of the Week –Mike Bowen a bull of Quindell, Coms & blinkx

258 days ago

Globo: FFS Speak Real English as you announce total non news – smell the panic

265 days ago

Lucian Miers & Tom Winnifrith Video: Globo, blinkx, Avanti Communications, Iofina and Quindell

271 days ago

Lucian Miers & Tom Winnifrith on The markets

281 days ago

You MUST sack Tom Winnifrith NOW! The threats and blackmail used by those who oppose free speech

293 days ago

In defence of Negative articles ref QPP, Iofina, Globo, blinkx, Sefton, Range, etc.

297 days ago

Globo – the TEN BIG Questions raised by the results

304 days ago

Globo – Pre Results day stalking video and photos in Greece

304 days ago

A breakfast view in Athens Greece … I find my way like a homing pigeon but bad news for Evil

306 days ago

Blinkx – the diminishing power of spurious releases as the bubble pops and the Edelman firework of April 5 spelled out for two thick journalists

315 days ago

Globo – See you chaps in Athens on 30th April for a Results Day Video Doorstep

317 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #62 from Delphi Greece: Cyril Smith was just one of the leading paedo-politiians will the establishment come clean on the rest edition

323 days ago

So which company’s lawyers are bullying Tom Winnifrith & which are after Evil Knievil?

328 days ago

Lucian Miers & I record a Video: Gulf Keystone, Avanti Communications, Naibu, Globo, Blinkx and More

334 days ago

Globo – A Muted Reaction to Today's PR Bullshit says it all: investors are (rightly) shit scared

335 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #60: Three Reasons to Vote UKIP (albeit holding nose) on May 22nd Edition

336 days ago

Blogging maestro Paul Scott adds to his Globo short – here’s why

357 days ago

Globo – shares tank – it says nothing amiss – Evil Knievil says “add to your short”

358 days ago

Globo – what the f**k is going on with its auditors?

359 days ago

Globo Trading Statement Tuesday – what it says does not matter & the Devastating Ennismore Bear note

397 days ago

Globo CEO Buys shares but it Costis not a lot & means less

474 days ago

Paul Scott shorts Globo and 13 reasons why

475 days ago

Cash is fact, profit is a matter of opinion - ref Globo and Clear Leisure

492 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – Speculative Buy

764 days ago

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