Wednesday July 23, 2014

So who thinks that the Jews are cockroaches? Who are you backing? Israel or Hamas?
Report from the Greek Hovel Number 12 – Coping with Fear
Rats, Bats & Sheep – Report 11 from the Greek Hovel


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Royal Mail – Sell at 475p

279 days ago

Royal Mail shares will go up after IPO so maybe stag but don’t invest

292 days ago

You are hated in the City! Yup tell me something I don’t know

398 days ago

Victory on the Cesspit: Bison The Dust - is this Dead Kennedy Ventures?

399 days ago

Nominations Close at midnight today for the 2013 AIM Cesspit awards – Make your Nominations now!

425 days ago

Forget cashflows & profits, Fracking is sex on a share certificate – the promotion of the IPO of Bison Energy Services

429 days ago

Nominate now for the AIM Cesspit 2013 awards

435 days ago

Guest post Sam Bottell: Kentz - IMS Demonstrates Earnings Visibility and balance sheet strength: Neither fully discounted

563 days ago

Facebook Target Price Is $5, But More If Zuckerburg Quits

693 days ago

Explaining to Americans why the Man United IPO is for suckers

694 days ago

Facebook – Share crash to continue – Target Price cut from $7.30 to $5 and Zuckerburg will have to go

699 days ago

Facebook shares down nearly 50 percent. Set for another fall?

706 days ago

Manchester United – Biggest Brand in Sport? Why DealCloud? – Target price $7: Sell

709 days ago

Facebook makes someone happy as the fake user scandal grows

719 days ago

Facebook – Is Its Advertising a Fraud? Zuckerburg on the Ropes – Massive short sell Opportunity

720 days ago

Facebook – The Stock Price will collapse before Thanksgiving – Target still $7.30

720 days ago

Facebook Target Stock Price still $7.30 but risks now on downside

725 days ago

Facebook – Fair Value $7.30?

778 days ago

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