Sunday May 01, 2016
How Dodgy Dave's Government is now actually stealing your money to lie to you about Brexit
Is everyone in Wales mainlining State support? Can they even wipe their own arses?
As a supporter of Brexit I pray " can President Obama come over and try to bully us to stay again"


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Good News from Avesco - still a buy

681 days ago

Minoan – a few Thoughts from Greece

727 days ago

Trade Number 7 in my ETX Christmas trading challenge with Steve Moore – Range Resources shock

874 days ago

Buy Fox Marble at a 17.5p offer price

901 days ago

Amara Mining - Cute deal

906 days ago

Buy Advanced Computer Software at 89.125p – target 150p

914 days ago

Lombard Interims - H2 will be stronger: buy

928 days ago

Straight Interims - Buy

943 days ago

Reach 4 Entertainment – The Big Negative Removed

995 days ago

Stanley Gibbons Interims - Look Forward

996 days ago

Leyshon Resources: on track and cheap

1003 days ago

Reach4Entertainment FD Goes (Great news) & Trading Statement (good news)

1014 days ago

Ariana at 1p worth 5.51p says Edison - you sure fellows?

1027 days ago

Lombard Risk Management Corporate Governance - That's the way to do it

1028 days ago

Stanley Gibbons – The Funny Old world of The Stamp Industry Rumour Mill

1031 days ago

Free share tip - Symphony Environmental at 4.125p

1037 days ago

Scoop: Bob Morton backs Enables IT (formerly Nexus) in £900,000 fund raise - acquisition imminent

1040 days ago

Goldplat - Profits Warning: Buy for Income

1059 days ago

Exclusive; Nigel Wray ( Britain's Buffett) adding to Alliance Pharma holdings and why:

1060 days ago

Enables IT - Something afoot?

1061 days ago

EMED: Investors are bored but should they be scared?

1072 days ago

1Spatial shares to double after transformational deal

1073 days ago

Scoop: Vatakoula to announce 15p placing as Chinese prepare to take 29.9 per cent stake

1078 days ago

Share tip: Buy Entertainment One

1099 days ago

Lombard Risk Management - Burying Good News

1107 days ago

1Spatial – at near Year Highs – still a buy?

1111 days ago

Domino's Pizza - Cracking Trading Statement

1123 days ago

Cairn Energy: Heavy Boardroom buying worth noting

1124 days ago

Heritage Oil Farm in Deals – Interesting

1125 days ago

PR prude Kay Larsen does not want me writing this but shares in Advanced Computer Software are a strong buy

1127 days ago

Enables IT (formerly Nexus) Upbeat AGM statement sets the platform

1129 days ago

S&U Full Year Numbers – look at the dividend flows

1130 days ago

Silverdell – pure gold or fool’s gold?

1131 days ago

ASOS – Evil Knievil STILL Wrong to short the shares at 3,334p + College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography

1132 days ago

Shanta – time to call it quits?

1134 days ago

Chaarat Gold – On balance positive update but read the small print

1134 days ago

Ariana could be worth 6.31p says Edison - shares now 1.425p

1139 days ago

Buy Cairn Energy - look at the asset backing

1139 days ago

Buy Soco International at 399p

1140 days ago

Anglesey Mining – Comment on Labrador Tata link up

1144 days ago

Chatting to Nigel Wray – Telecom Plus still a buy

1146 days ago

Cupid: Great Results and Massive Director Buy yet shares tank – what’s up (or down?)

1148 days ago

Minera IRL - is it worth hanging on for the bounce?

1151 days ago

Dominos Pizza - should you follow Nigel Wray and sell?

1151 days ago

Orosur Mining – a speculative buy?

1153 days ago

Goldman Sachs: Northern Petroleum Upgraded to Conviction Buy at 56p – target price 121p

1155 days ago

Leyshon Resources: New Meeting with MD Paul Atherley

1158 days ago

IQE - Cheap as chips

1158 days ago

Medusa Mining Buy at 300p – target 400p

1158 days ago

Reach4Entertainment Share Price to Double – First Columbus

1158 days ago

Domino's Pizza: Impressive 2012 results and growth on track

1160 days ago

Buy Britvic at 425p - target 519p

1161 days ago

Bovis – The Good News is More than Discounted – Sell

1164 days ago

Bellzone ..Good News but the shares are down? A problem?

1165 days ago

Norseman Gold – Well It is not Over yet

1166 days ago - Profits warning

1166 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir on Avanti Communications - target 360p

1166 days ago

EMED Mining: New technical report, target price cut and house broker flags that it will follow – shares still a buy

1167 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Kryso Resources - Project Delay – Share price overreacts – a buying opportunity

1167 days ago

Advanced Computer Software – Does a £44 million placing make any sense?

1168 days ago

Shanta Gold – Shares down but look at shareholder list movements: value Unchanged

1169 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Wales based IQE

1171 days ago

EMED: On the Cusp of Delivery

1172 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell - Pan African is a buy

1172 days ago

London Capital – Saved by Bid Approaches ( flushed out by insider dealing): sell

1174 days ago

ILX - Acquisition

1174 days ago

Guest post: Zak Mir says EMED to jump from 13p to 20p

1175 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Telecom Plus

1175 days ago

Cupid – Share Price Comment: Riposte to Aubrey Brocklebank

1175 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell on Aquarius Platinum

1177 days ago

WANdisco Product Launch – Use Euphoria to Top Slice

1178 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on S&U

1178 days ago

Randall & Quilter Trading Statement - Buy for Income

1185 days ago

Medusa Mining output guidance pared – a reason to sell?

1185 days ago

Fox Davies: Buy Highland Gold at 112p with a 181p target

1187 days ago

Highland Gold Full Year Trading Statement: Buy at 114.5p target 200p

1187 days ago

Plastics Capital Trading Statement: Buy

1188 days ago

Aquarius Platinum Quarterlies: Reiterate Buy at 62.5p target price 80p

1188 days ago

Reach4entertainment – cracking trading statement

1189 days ago

February SpreadBet Magazine now out with me on Port Erin Biopharma

1190 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – Speculative Buy

1192 days ago

Cape – Dividend will be held: Buy at 228.5p for a 6.13% yield

1195 days ago

Edison Increases Target Price on Pan African from 20.77p to 29.83p – the shares at 21p are a buy

1196 days ago

VSA: Buy Highland Gold at 106.75p – target price 175p

1196 days ago

Blinkx: DailyMotion deal - Buy with new 100p target

1196 days ago

K3 Business Technology – Profits Warning: Reaction Overcooked?

1196 days ago

Cupid: The scale of the buyback now becoming clear: New Forecasts and Upgrade

1197 days ago

Telecom Plus: I was wrong to bank gains: Buy

1198 days ago

ASOS Trading Statement: Evil Knievil and the Bears will carry on getting burned

1200 days ago

WANdisco Trading Statement: Good News continues but 2014 PE now 120

1200 days ago

Chaarat Gold – New Tax Regime & Hot Money going in as China investment Rumours Swirl

1200 days ago

Symphony Environmental Profits Warning – Ouch but discounted?

1201 days ago

Shanta Gold – Getting There: Buy at 23p

1202 days ago

Three reasons to buy shares in Cupid Today

1204 days ago

Goldplat – Market Over-reacts to mild profits warning – buy for bumper (safe) yield

1206 days ago

IQE: Placing, Trading Statement and Aquisition all look very good

1206 days ago

Lombard Risk – Good News is Bloody Annoying for Investors but share price still offers c60% upside

1207 days ago

Pace Micro: Upbeat Trading statement but shares still cheap

1207 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell on Petroceltic - a buy?

1208 days ago

Domino’s Pizza – Serving up a Tasty Trading Statement

1209 days ago

Blinx: KoldCast TV deal announced – Speculative Buy

1209 days ago

Wandisco – a 2014 PE of 103 but might still be cheap

1211 days ago

Is Xcite Energy a speculative buy?

1213 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Kenmare Own Goals compounded in an unloved sector but is the sell off overdone?

1214 days ago

Bellzone Mining – Bell Ends?

1214 days ago

Bellzone Mining: Good News & Hot sector but are the shares ahead of themselves?

1215 days ago

Aurcana: Second Mine Now Operating Makes This A Strong Silver Play For 2013

1224 days ago

Silverdell - a good share tip gets better

1227 days ago

Domino’s Pizza – a buy ahead of results?

1228 days ago

Universe – the recovery continues

1229 days ago

Buy Impellam after Trading Update

1229 days ago

Anglesey Mining – Labrador Update: Speculative Buy

1230 days ago

Welcome Back free share tip – Buy Cupid at 166p

1230 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir says EMED on a Rising Price Channel

1230 days ago

Alexander Mining: Coming Good – Speculative Buy at 4.75p

1235 days ago

Northern Petroleum: unlocking value in 2013?

1235 days ago

Gable: More than 100% ahead and still a winner

1237 days ago

Vin Murria's Advanced Computer Software buys again - good deal?

1238 days ago

Symphony Environmental – Profits Warning and CEO Chat

1241 days ago

Buy Amara Mining at 65p – worth 99p to 124p says top broker Ocean Equities

1241 days ago

ILX – The Bos is making moves: Upgrade to Speculative Buy

1242 days ago

First Property Interims & CEO Chat

1243 days ago

K3 Business Technology – AGM statement buying opportunity

1243 days ago

Sell Wessex Exploration – Buy Northern Petroleum

1244 days ago

Northern Petroleum – Probably Duff Well, Company chat and market over-reaction – Wessex it is different

1244 days ago

Access Intelligence: Shoot the dog or follow the bird in charge?

1244 days ago

IQE – A world leader from Wales (there has to be one)

1244 days ago

Pan African Resources Evander purchase update

1245 days ago

Minera Drilling News – A Golden Prospect?

1245 days ago

Creston: Not a good share tip so far – do results herald recovery?

1248 days ago

Minera: Good news from Peru – cheap but are there cheaper gold plays?

1248 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir on Avanti Communications

1249 days ago

Advanced Computer Software- I am 96% ahead but still a bull

1249 days ago

Avanti Communications: Director Buying & Cenkos Note with 900p target: Buy

1249 days ago

First Property – A Pre Results buy?

1250 days ago

Leyshon Drilling News – It is good but Unclear

1250 days ago

Plastics Capital: Results Comment Boring is still sexy

1251 days ago

Gable: New business announcement – starting to sparkle

1251 days ago

Farewell Nexus – Hello Enables IT: Will it be any less of a dog?

1252 days ago

Fox Davies: Minera share price set to more than double on news of resource upgrade?

1252 days ago

Reach4 Entertainment – Meaningful Director Buying

1252 days ago

Anglesey Mining - Recovery Play or Dog to Shoot?

1252 days ago

Minoan: Acquisitions, Trading Update and Company Chat. Recovery play 2013?

1255 days ago

Pan African: Rights Issue News - can we build on a 644% gain?

1255 days ago

EMED: Broker Fox-Davies thinks shares will treble & Slovak approval

1255 days ago

Ortac – Gold Site Visit in Slovak Republic: Value Play?

1256 days ago

Interquest Trading Update: Buy, sell or hold?

1256 days ago

Jubilee Platinum Concentrator announcement: enough to halt the share slump?

1257 days ago

Lombard Risk Management New product launch and company chat

1257 days ago

Minera: Don Nicolas update – worth a nibble

1257 days ago

Advanced Computer Software – Almost 100% ahead: what next?

1258 days ago

Accumuli: Results Today still a buy ( 80% upside)

1258 days ago

Amara Mining (Cluff Gold) Baomahun Results Analysis

1258 days ago

InternetQ – another tech buy?

1258 days ago

Densitron - Getting Interesting

1259 days ago

IQE – a safe tech wonder stock?

1259 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Double Win News from China – a six bagger?

1259 days ago

Caza Oil & Gas Q3 numbers – house broker sees shares going from 16.5p to 30p

1262 days ago

Reach4Entertainment – It was a recovery play, I was right

1263 days ago

Densitron: 21 Per Cent gains so far what next?

1263 days ago

Amara Mining (formerly Cluff Gold) Q3 Results – On Track: shares very cheap -

1264 days ago

Kryso Resources: 134% ahead – time to sell?

1264 days ago

EMED Mining $50 million financing secured – Very Good News Indeed

1265 days ago

Interquest – Director’s Dealing why bother?

1265 days ago

Ariana Resources: Drilling Update Good but not Good enough

1265 days ago

Adept Telecom: Up on my share tip but still cheap?

1265 days ago

Orosur Mining: Bank a 66% gain or double up?

1265 days ago

InterQuest - More positive News

1266 days ago Results: Buy for 8% yield?

1266 days ago

Vatukoula Completes Placing – It hurts but the shares are cheap

1269 days ago

Northern Petroleum Board Upgrade – A Step in the Right Direction

1269 days ago

Minera IRL: a gold stock to buy or sell? -

1270 days ago

Interquest: Dog or Recovery Play?

1271 days ago

Greggs: buy or sell

1271 days ago

Caza Oil & Gas: Share spike on drill success but buy or sell?

1272 days ago

Shanta Gold – Company Reaffirms Production Targets: Buy

1273 days ago

Ariana Resources – Catch Up Lunch with CEO Kerim Sener

1274 days ago

Silverdell – Still a buy?

1276 days ago

1Spatial Interims – Wading Through the Spaghetti the shares are cheap

1277 days ago

Vatukoula – New China Placing: is it time to junk?

1277 days ago

Archipelago Resources: Q3 results in line: buy at 62p – target price 95p plus

1279 days ago

Nexus – Reverse Takeover: Hope at last?

1279 days ago

Skywest Bid from Virgin – What next?

1279 days ago

Lombard Risk Management Interims – Still a buy at 10.5p (+ CEO Chat)

1285 days ago

Goldplat – An Omission from my 5 Gold stocks to buy? Why?

1286 days ago

London Capital Group – High Risk Buy or One to Dodge?

1286 days ago

Staffline: 210 Per Cent gain so far but there is more to come

1286 days ago

Golden Prospect Precious Metals – one of 5 gold stocks to buy, with dozens to sell: Malcolm Burne dissected

1287 days ago

Jubilee Platinum – Time to Give Up? Or Double up?

1290 days ago

Gable Holdings: Up, up and still more up to come!

1290 days ago

Avanti Communications: Bull vs Bear

1291 days ago

Wessex Exploration vs Northern Petroleum – madness

1291 days ago

Impellam – 750% ahead and more to come?

1291 days ago

Shanta Gold – Placing Complete, PI screwing all done – Now we Plebs can and should buy

1292 days ago

Minoan: Godawful tip starting to come right big time

1292 days ago

Empresaria: average down?

1292 days ago

1Spatial new contract almost won - share price can double again

1292 days ago

Shanta Gold – Private Investors Screwed Again But It is still a buy

1292 days ago

S and U – You have almost Doubled your money so far but more to come: buy at 910p – target £12

1293 days ago

Archipelago Resources: 129% ahead so far but still a buy at 63p – target (at least) 95p

1294 days ago

Reach4Entertainment – Bad Dog is Getting Better Daily: Speculative Buy?

1297 days ago

Universe Group – Speculative Recovery Buy?

1299 days ago

Avanti Communications – A Day to Buy as Results Go Down Badly (Evil Knievil wrong)

1299 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Great Grades, Share Price All Wrong

1300 days ago

Bond International – Sell

1300 days ago

Lombard Risk Management – Trading Ahead of Forecasts: Buy

1306 days ago

Northern Petroleum/Wessex – short delay on Guyane News ( and Tullow note)

1306 days ago

1Spatial – Mega Contract win – shares have doubled in 3 weeks ( will double again)

1306 days ago

Norseman Gold – A total Disaster But NOT a write off although Administrator in (at subsidiary level)

1307 days ago

Goldplat: 46 Per Cent ahead but more to come at 16.75p

1308 days ago

Symphony Environmental: 65% down but it will bounce back

1310 days ago

The Weekly Video - Edition 8

1311 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Down but downright cheap

1312 days ago

Pan African Resources – 570 Per Cent ahead on this tip so far – more to come

1312 days ago

Vatukoula Gold Mines – Down but far from out

1313 days ago

Continental Precious Minerals: Uranium play trading at discount to cash

1313 days ago

Ortac Resources – Attractive Risk Reward Gold Junior

1315 days ago

Reach4Entertainment: Bad Dog or Good Dog?

1318 days ago

Plastics Capital – Boring is Sexy: 56% upside

1319 days ago

K3 Business Technology - FinnCap sees 48% upside

1319 days ago

Rethink Profits warning - buy

1320 days ago

K3 Business Technology: Bid talks off - buying opportunity

1321 days ago

Shanta Gold – Low Risk Very Cheap Gold Play

1322 days ago

Intandem - Catch up with Gary Smith

1322 days ago

Skywest – Share Price Virgin on the very cheap indeed

1323 days ago

1Spatial – CEO Chat & Assessment

1327 days ago

Cairn bid for Nautical – what next?

1419 days ago

Goodbye Port Erin – No fallout with Jim Mellon

1419 days ago

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