Wednesday October 22, 2014
The deaths of my mother and aunt
Video Postcard #85 – happy Birthday Nadine, welcome to Britain & immigration issue
Video Postcard #84 – The lies from the BBC and our leaders over ISIS edition


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Good News from Avesco - still a buy

124 days ago

Minoan – a few Thoughts from Greece

170 days ago

Trade Number 7 in my ETX Christmas trading challenge with Steve Moore – Range Resources shock

317 days ago

Buy Fox Marble at a 17.5p offer price

344 days ago

Amara Mining - Cute deal

348 days ago

Buy Advanced Computer Software at 89.125p – target 150p

356 days ago

Lombard Interims - H2 will be stronger: buy

371 days ago

Straight Interims - Buy

386 days ago

Reach 4 Entertainment – The Big Negative Removed

438 days ago

Stanley Gibbons Interims - Look Forward

439 days ago

Leyshon Resources: on track and cheap

446 days ago

Reach4Entertainment FD Goes (Great news) & Trading Statement (good news)

457 days ago

Ariana at 1p worth 5.51p says Edison - you sure fellows?

470 days ago

Lombard Risk Management Corporate Governance - That's the way to do it

470 days ago

Stanley Gibbons – The Funny Old world of The Stamp Industry Rumour Mill

473 days ago

Free share tip - Symphony Environmental at 4.125p

479 days ago

Scoop: Bob Morton backs Enables IT (formerly Nexus) in £900,000 fund raise - acquisition imminent

483 days ago

Goldplat - Profits Warning: Buy for Income

501 days ago

Exclusive; Nigel Wray ( Britain's Buffett) adding to Alliance Pharma holdings and why:

503 days ago

Enables IT - Something afoot?

504 days ago

EMED: Investors are bored but should they be scared?

514 days ago

1Spatial shares to double after transformational deal

516 days ago

Scoop: Vatakoula to announce 15p placing as Chinese prepare to take 29.9 per cent stake

521 days ago

Share tip: Buy Entertainment One

542 days ago

Lombard Risk Management - Burying Good News

549 days ago

1Spatial – at near Year Highs – still a buy?

553 days ago

Domino's Pizza - Cracking Trading Statement

565 days ago

Cairn Energy: Heavy Boardroom buying worth noting

567 days ago

Heritage Oil Farm in Deals – Interesting

568 days ago

PR prude Kay Larsen does not want me writing this but shares in Advanced Computer Software are a strong buy

569 days ago

Enables IT (formerly Nexus) Upbeat AGM statement sets the platform

572 days ago

S&U Full Year Numbers – look at the dividend flows

573 days ago

Silverdell – pure gold or fool’s gold?

574 days ago

ASOS – Evil Knievil STILL Wrong to short the shares at 3,334p + College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography

575 days ago

Shanta – time to call it quits?

576 days ago

Chaarat Gold – On balance positive update but read the small print

577 days ago

Ariana could be worth 6.31p says Edison - shares now 1.425p

581 days ago

Buy Cairn Energy - look at the asset backing

582 days ago

Buy Soco International at 399p

583 days ago

Anglesey Mining – Comment on Labrador Tata link up

586 days ago

Chatting to Nigel Wray – Telecom Plus still a buy

589 days ago

Cupid: Great Results and Massive Director Buy yet shares tank – what’s up (or down?)

591 days ago

Minera IRL - is it worth hanging on for the bounce?

593 days ago

Dominos Pizza - should you follow Nigel Wray and sell?

594 days ago

Orosur Mining – a speculative buy?

595 days ago

Goldman Sachs: Northern Petroleum Upgraded to Conviction Buy at 56p – target price 121p

598 days ago

Leyshon Resources: New Meeting with MD Paul Atherley

600 days ago

IQE - Cheap as chips

600 days ago

Medusa Mining Buy at 300p – target 400p

601 days ago

Reach4Entertainment Share Price to Double – First Columbus

601 days ago

Domino's Pizza: Impressive 2012 results and growth on track

603 days ago

Buy Britvic at 425p - target 519p

604 days ago

Bovis – The Good News is More than Discounted – Sell

607 days ago

Bellzone ..Good News but the shares are down? A problem?

608 days ago

Norseman Gold – Well It is not Over yet

608 days ago - Profits warning

608 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir on Avanti Communications - target 360p

609 days ago

EMED Mining: New technical report, target price cut and house broker flags that it will follow – shares still a buy

610 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Kryso Resources - Project Delay – Share price overreacts – a buying opportunity

610 days ago

Advanced Computer Software – Does a £44 million placing make any sense?

611 days ago

Shanta Gold – Shares down but look at shareholder list movements: value Unchanged

611 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Wales based IQE

614 days ago

EMED: On the Cusp of Delivery

615 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell - Pan African is a buy

615 days ago

London Capital – Saved by Bid Approaches ( flushed out by insider dealing): sell

616 days ago

ILX - Acquisition

616 days ago

Guest post: Zak Mir says EMED to jump from 13p to 20p

617 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Telecom Plus

618 days ago

Cupid – Share Price Comment: Riposte to Aubrey Brocklebank

618 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell on Aquarius Platinum

619 days ago

WANdisco Product Launch – Use Euphoria to Top Slice

621 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on S&U

621 days ago

Randall & Quilter Trading Statement - Buy for Income

628 days ago

Medusa Mining output guidance pared – a reason to sell?

628 days ago

Fox Davies: Buy Highland Gold at 112p with a 181p target

629 days ago

Highland Gold Full Year Trading Statement: Buy at 114.5p target 200p

630 days ago

Plastics Capital Trading Statement: Buy

631 days ago

Aquarius Platinum Quarterlies: Reiterate Buy at 62.5p target price 80p

631 days ago

Reach4entertainment – cracking trading statement

632 days ago

February SpreadBet Magazine now out with me on Port Erin Biopharma

633 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – Speculative Buy

635 days ago

Cape – Dividend will be held: Buy at 228.5p for a 6.13% yield

638 days ago

Edison Increases Target Price on Pan African from 20.77p to 29.83p – the shares at 21p are a buy

638 days ago

VSA: Buy Highland Gold at 106.75p – target price 175p

639 days ago

Blinkx: DailyMotion deal - Buy with new 100p target

639 days ago

K3 Business Technology – Profits Warning: Reaction Overcooked?

639 days ago

Cupid: The scale of the buyback now becoming clear: New Forecasts and Upgrade

639 days ago

Telecom Plus: I was wrong to bank gains: Buy

641 days ago

ASOS Trading Statement: Evil Knievil and the Bears will carry on getting burned

642 days ago

WANdisco Trading Statement: Good News continues but 2014 PE now 120

642 days ago

Chaarat Gold – New Tax Regime & Hot Money going in as China investment Rumours Swirl

642 days ago

Symphony Environmental Profits Warning – Ouch but discounted?

643 days ago

Shanta Gold – Getting There: Buy at 23p

645 days ago

Three reasons to buy shares in Cupid Today

646 days ago

Goldplat – Market Over-reacts to mild profits warning – buy for bumper (safe) yield

649 days ago

IQE: Placing, Trading Statement and Aquisition all look very good

649 days ago

Lombard Risk – Good News is Bloody Annoying for Investors but share price still offers c60% upside

649 days ago

Pace Micro: Upbeat Trading statement but shares still cheap

650 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell on Petroceltic - a buy?

651 days ago

Domino’s Pizza – Serving up a Tasty Trading Statement

652 days ago

Blinx: KoldCast TV deal announced – Speculative Buy

652 days ago

Wandisco – a 2014 PE of 103 but might still be cheap

654 days ago

Is Xcite Energy a speculative buy?

656 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Kenmare Own Goals compounded in an unloved sector but is the sell off overdone?

656 days ago

Bellzone Mining – Bell Ends?

657 days ago

Bellzone Mining: Good News & Hot sector but are the shares ahead of themselves?

658 days ago

Aurcana: Second Mine Now Operating Makes This A Strong Silver Play For 2013

666 days ago

Silverdell - a good share tip gets better

670 days ago

Domino’s Pizza – a buy ahead of results?

671 days ago

Universe – the recovery continues

672 days ago

Buy Impellam after Trading Update

672 days ago

Anglesey Mining – Labrador Update: Speculative Buy

673 days ago

Welcome Back free share tip – Buy Cupid at 166p

673 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir says EMED on a Rising Price Channel

673 days ago

Alexander Mining: Coming Good – Speculative Buy at 4.75p

677 days ago

Northern Petroleum: unlocking value in 2013?

678 days ago

Gable: More than 100% ahead and still a winner

679 days ago

Vin Murria's Advanced Computer Software buys again - good deal?

681 days ago

Symphony Environmental – Profits Warning and CEO Chat

684 days ago

Buy Amara Mining at 65p – worth 99p to 124p says top broker Ocean Equities

684 days ago

ILX – The Bos is making moves: Upgrade to Speculative Buy

685 days ago

First Property Interims & CEO Chat

685 days ago

K3 Business Technology – AGM statement buying opportunity

686 days ago

Sell Wessex Exploration – Buy Northern Petroleum

687 days ago

Northern Petroleum – Probably Duff Well, Company chat and market over-reaction – Wessex it is different

687 days ago

Access Intelligence: Shoot the dog or follow the bird in charge?

687 days ago

IQE – A world leader from Wales (there has to be one)

687 days ago

Pan African Resources Evander purchase update

688 days ago

Minera Drilling News – A Golden Prospect?

688 days ago

Creston: Not a good share tip so far – do results herald recovery?

691 days ago

Minera: Good news from Peru – cheap but are there cheaper gold plays?

691 days ago

Guest Post: Zak Mir on Avanti Communications

692 days ago

Advanced Computer Software- I am 96% ahead but still a bull

692 days ago

Avanti Communications: Director Buying & Cenkos Note with 900p target: Buy

692 days ago

First Property – A Pre Results buy?

693 days ago

Leyshon Drilling News – It is good but Unclear

693 days ago

Plastics Capital: Results Comment Boring is still sexy

694 days ago

Gable: New business announcement – starting to sparkle

694 days ago

Farewell Nexus – Hello Enables IT: Will it be any less of a dog?

695 days ago

Fox Davies: Minera share price set to more than double on news of resource upgrade?

695 days ago

Reach4 Entertainment – Meaningful Director Buying

695 days ago

Anglesey Mining - Recovery Play or Dog to Shoot?

695 days ago

Minoan: Acquisitions, Trading Update and Company Chat. Recovery play 2013?

698 days ago

Pan African: Rights Issue News - can we build on a 644% gain?

698 days ago

EMED: Broker Fox-Davies thinks shares will treble & Slovak approval

698 days ago

Ortac – Gold Site Visit in Slovak Republic: Value Play?

699 days ago

Interquest Trading Update: Buy, sell or hold?

699 days ago

Jubilee Platinum Concentrator announcement: enough to halt the share slump?

700 days ago

Lombard Risk Management New product launch and company chat

700 days ago

Minera: Don Nicolas update – worth a nibble

700 days ago

Advanced Computer Software – Almost 100% ahead: what next?

701 days ago

Accumuli: Results Today still a buy ( 80% upside)

701 days ago

Amara Mining (Cluff Gold) Baomahun Results Analysis

701 days ago

InternetQ – another tech buy?

701 days ago

Densitron - Getting Interesting

702 days ago

IQE – a safe tech wonder stock?

702 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Double Win News from China – a six bagger?

702 days ago

Caza Oil & Gas Q3 numbers – house broker sees shares going from 16.5p to 30p

705 days ago

Reach4Entertainment – It was a recovery play, I was right

706 days ago

Densitron: 21 Per Cent gains so far what next?

706 days ago

Amara Mining (formerly Cluff Gold) Q3 Results – On Track: shares very cheap -

707 days ago

Kryso Resources: 134% ahead – time to sell?

707 days ago

EMED Mining $50 million financing secured – Very Good News Indeed

707 days ago

Interquest – Director’s Dealing why bother?

707 days ago

Ariana Resources: Drilling Update Good but not Good enough

708 days ago

Adept Telecom: Up on my share tip but still cheap?

708 days ago

Orosur Mining: Bank a 66% gain or double up?

708 days ago

InterQuest - More positive News

709 days ago Results: Buy for 8% yield?

709 days ago

Vatukoula Completes Placing – It hurts but the shares are cheap

712 days ago

Northern Petroleum Board Upgrade – A Step in the Right Direction

712 days ago

Minera IRL: a gold stock to buy or sell? -

713 days ago

Interquest: Dog or Recovery Play?

714 days ago

Greggs: buy or sell

714 days ago

Caza Oil & Gas: Share spike on drill success but buy or sell?

715 days ago

Shanta Gold – Company Reaffirms Production Targets: Buy

716 days ago

Ariana Resources – Catch Up Lunch with CEO Kerim Sener

717 days ago

Silverdell – Still a buy?

719 days ago

1Spatial Interims – Wading Through the Spaghetti the shares are cheap

720 days ago

Vatukoula – New China Placing: is it time to junk?

720 days ago

Archipelago Resources: Q3 results in line: buy at 62p – target price 95p plus

721 days ago

Nexus – Reverse Takeover: Hope at last?

722 days ago

Skywest Bid from Virgin – What next?

722 days ago

Lombard Risk Management Interims – Still a buy at 10.5p (+ CEO Chat)

728 days ago

Goldplat – An Omission from my 5 Gold stocks to buy? Why?

729 days ago

London Capital Group – High Risk Buy or One to Dodge?

729 days ago

Staffline: 210 Per Cent gain so far but there is more to come

729 days ago

Golden Prospect Precious Metals – one of 5 gold stocks to buy, with dozens to sell: Malcolm Burne dissected

730 days ago

Jubilee Platinum – Time to Give Up? Or Double up?

733 days ago

Gable Holdings: Up, up and still more up to come!

733 days ago

Avanti Communications: Bull vs Bear

733 days ago

Wessex Exploration vs Northern Petroleum – madness

734 days ago

Impellam – 750% ahead and more to come?

734 days ago

Shanta Gold – Placing Complete, PI screwing all done – Now we Plebs can and should buy

734 days ago

Minoan: Godawful tip starting to come right big time

735 days ago

Empresaria: average down?

735 days ago

1Spatial new contract almost won - share price can double again

735 days ago

Shanta Gold – Private Investors Screwed Again But It is still a buy

735 days ago

S and U – You have almost Doubled your money so far but more to come: buy at 910p – target £12

736 days ago

Archipelago Resources: 129% ahead so far but still a buy at 63p – target (at least) 95p

737 days ago

Reach4Entertainment – Bad Dog is Getting Better Daily: Speculative Buy?

740 days ago

Universe Group – Speculative Recovery Buy?

742 days ago

Avanti Communications – A Day to Buy as Results Go Down Badly (Evil Knievil wrong)

742 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Great Grades, Share Price All Wrong

743 days ago

Bond International – Sell

743 days ago

Lombard Risk Management – Trading Ahead of Forecasts: Buy

748 days ago

Northern Petroleum/Wessex – short delay on Guyane News ( and Tullow note)

748 days ago

1Spatial – Mega Contract win – shares have doubled in 3 weeks ( will double again)

749 days ago

Norseman Gold – A total Disaster But NOT a write off although Administrator in (at subsidiary level)

749 days ago

Goldplat: 46 Per Cent ahead but more to come at 16.75p

751 days ago

Symphony Environmental: 65% down but it will bounce back

753 days ago

The Weekly Video - Edition 8

753 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Down but downright cheap

755 days ago

Pan African Resources – 570 Per Cent ahead on this tip so far – more to come

755 days ago

Vatukoula Gold Mines – Down but far from out

756 days ago

Continental Precious Minerals: Uranium play trading at discount to cash

756 days ago

Ortac Resources – Attractive Risk Reward Gold Junior

758 days ago

Reach4Entertainment: Bad Dog or Good Dog?

761 days ago

Plastics Capital – Boring is Sexy: 56% upside

762 days ago

K3 Business Technology - FinnCap sees 48% upside

762 days ago

Rethink Profits warning - buy

763 days ago

K3 Business Technology: Bid talks off - buying opportunity

764 days ago

Shanta Gold – Low Risk Very Cheap Gold Play

765 days ago

Intandem - Catch up with Gary Smith

765 days ago

Skywest – Share Price Virgin on the very cheap indeed

766 days ago

1Spatial – CEO Chat & Assessment

769 days ago

Cairn bid for Nautical – what next?

861 days ago

Goodbye Port Erin – No fallout with Jim Mellon

861 days ago

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