Wednesday October 01, 2014

I was dragged to the Police station in Kardamili and bullied, Greece in context
A final farewell to Kambos and the Greek Hovel (for this summer)
Frigana Fields of Death Picture Special from the Greek Hovel


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The ShareProphets top 10 Stocks to Short – Reader Poll on next to Slump Results

65 days ago

Reader Poll – Which will be the next High Profile share price collapse from our Top 10 Shorts

73 days ago

Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Tom Winnifrith – the top 10 stocks in London to short for summer

81 days ago

Ed Croft of Stockopedia to headline at UK Investor 2015 - watch his 2014 video

93 days ago

Buy your tickets for the AIM Cesspit dinner on June 30th NOW

100 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #68 - free speech and the intolerance of the left edition

102 days ago

The Danger of Getting Too Close to Companies - ref Vatukoula and others

116 days ago

Princess Leia Escapes to the Rebel Alliance

117 days ago

Lucian Miers & Tom Winnifrith Video: Globo, blinkx, Avanti Communications, Iofina and Quindell

120 days ago

The Mrs has moved me out to the garage

122 days ago

Book Your Place at the AIM Cesspit Awards Dinner on June 30th

122 days ago

Nominate now for the AIM Cesspit 2014 awards!

129 days ago

Lucian Miers & Tom Winnifrith on The markets

130 days ago

Gulf Keystone – The Yield to Maturity on the Bonds is an increasingly terrifying sell signal on the shares

130 days ago

MORE Speakers - 23 now in lineup for UK Investor Show 2015 - 27 more to come

155 days ago

Steve Moore finally gets this twitter thing figured out

157 days ago

Iofina – A question for AIM Regulation & the FCA: when did the directors know? Target Price now 10p

160 days ago

UK Investor Show 2015 – First 21 Speakers announced for April 18: Get your early bird ticket NOW

169 days ago

Book before 4.30 PM Wednesday (TODAY) to get last seats for UK Investor on Saturday

182 days ago

Lucian Miers & I record a Video: Gulf Keystone, Avanti Communications, Naibu, Globo, Blinkx and More

183 days ago

If Gulf Keystone Stays Below 100p for three days, 70p will be hit in short order – Lucian Miers + New Bond warning

186 days ago

Tickets to UK Investor Show on April 5 Start going in the Post Today – still 10% of seats left!

195 days ago

BONUS Session announced for UK Investor show: “UK House Prices will Crash by 2020”

204 days ago

Ben Edelman – The man called the Web Sheriff by Bloomberg to headline at UK Investor Show on April 5 – Get your ticket now

219 days ago

Just 15 Golden Tickets left for the UK Investor Show – big announcement within 72 hours

222 days ago

Amazing 37 Speaker Line Up at UK Investor Show on April 5 – Book Tickets now

229 days ago

Naibu – The Question is do you believe? Evil Knievil vs. Lucian Miers (I'm with Lucien)

245 days ago

Want to join the Pizza Party with David Lenigas & The Rare Earth Metals CEO on Thursday 23rd

257 days ago

Lucian Miers popped in for a very quick drink last night...

287 days ago

Only 120 Free Tickets worth £12 for UKInvestor Show left

292 days ago

There are still more than 300 £12 tickets to the UK Investor Show to give away for free thanks to Accendo

297 days ago

Trade 5 in my Christmas spreadbet challenge with ETX – Sell Cupid

302 days ago

Paul Scott shorts Globo and 13 reasons why

324 days ago

Globo – Matt Earl the dark destroyer weighs in as the company issues bizarre statement

338 days ago

Dominic Picarda joins speaker line up Falanx, Amara, ETX and Viscount Minerals book stands - just 15 Golden Tickets left

340 days ago

An acid trip with Pinsent Masons - the sixth and final chapter. Or is it?

347 days ago

Monday 30th: Today’s the last day to book your discounted early bird ticket to the show of the year – UK Investor Show

366 days ago

Looking back a year tomorrow as Malcolm Stacey joins us from Sharecrazy

381 days ago

UKInvestor Show – THE Show of the year – Tickets now on sale at 50% discount

391 days ago

New tip on my Nifty Fifty within 24 Hours and the old t1ps team 100% reunited as one at RMPC

410 days ago

AIM Cesspit 2013 awards winners announced

463 days ago

Two free tickets to £75 AIM Cesspit dinner with Evil Knievil & Lucian Miers on 24 June on offer

468 days ago

West Ham Season Ticket Renewal…Against My Better Judgement

473 days ago

Guest Post Lucian Miers - PureCircle is an accident waiting to happen

480 days ago

AIM Cesspit awards dinner with Evil Knievil & Lucian Miers

480 days ago

Vote now in the AIM Cesspit wards 2013 ( I have)

484 days ago

AIM Cesspit awards and Sefton libel case fundraising dinner with Evil & Lucian - book now

487 days ago

Register now for the Weekend Tomograph out Sunday: AIM Cesspit awards dinner & terrible week issue

487 days ago

Evil Knievil Lucian Miers Cupid Update

487 days ago

May Spreadbet Magazine live featuring Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir, Lucian Miers and Gold

493 days ago

AVN, RPO, SXX, QPP, XEL, GKP, CUP, ASC - the Great Conspiracy Revealed

508 days ago

Quindell: More red flags than on a May Day in Moscow

509 days ago

Lucian Miers says he feels like entering a Witness Protection Scheme: Gulf Keystone

513 days ago

Baobab - when is the placing suckers?

524 days ago

Make a diary date for the UK's only serious investor show - April 5

524 days ago

Getting Life in balance – time for a Holiday

530 days ago

CPP - Slam Dunk short at 4.7p target 1p or less

530 days ago

The Funeral of Margaret Thatcher - My perspective from outside St Paul's

531 days ago

Lady Thatcher’s Funeral – I shall be there: Light blogging for 24 hours

532 days ago

Quindell Portfolio - Contract win or not?

534 days ago

Project x is live! The launch of

538 days ago

Change of Speaker Line Up at UKINvestor Show this Saturday – in honour of Margaret Thatcher

539 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard number 33

555 days ago

Lucian Miers quits ShareCrazy and Makes Nifty Fifty debut today

558 days ago

Avanti Communications Interims – The Company is Delivering, Evil, Lucian and the bears have been shown to be wrong

596 days ago

GMA Resources – Reversal and Share Price Over-reaction: Lucian Miers right to be short

600 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Ocado

600 days ago

UKInvestor Show – April 13th – just 50 seats left

601 days ago

Baobab Resources – Good News in the Price, follow Lucian Miers and sell

604 days ago

Lucian Miers – A Bear with a Very Sharp Brain profiled

635 days ago

Mark’s In: Mark Slater completes all star line-up at UKInvestor Show on April 13th

652 days ago

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP joins headline speakers at UKInvestorShow on April 13th

656 days ago

For Oakley it is Goodbye Leg Day – Light blogging ahead

659 days ago

West Ham vs. Chelski Match Preview

669 days ago

CPP Group: Straight Sell at 26.75p – Bid Won’t happen, Lucian Miers on the case

679 days ago

West Ham versus Stoke City: Match Preview

680 days ago

Ray Winstone’s East London & The Sweeney 2012

717 days ago

Range Resources Correction: Fair Price not 2.4p but 1.18p: Lucian Miers now shorting + Zoltav thoughts (sell)

764 days ago

Banning Shorting Achieves Nothing

808 days ago

Adventis up 81 per cent today: which loon is buying shares?

834 days ago

How much would I pay NOT to go to Olympic Swimming?

838 days ago

On the Cheap Lager with Lucian Miers

841 days ago

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