Monday September 01, 2014

Bitten by a Duck in Kardamili Greece as the Mrs laughed loudly
Weekly Video Postcard (#46 financial, #76 non-financial) – Free Speech & Frigana Edition
Hamas supporters in UK try to get pro-Israel tweeter fired by blackmailing employer


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David Cameron, Maria Miller and Tory sleaze – Christmas comes early for UKIP

146 days ago

A Year to the Day RIP Margaret Thatcher, chatting to a cabbie

146 days ago

My fave Tory Blogger & her dirty little secret

156 days ago

Is George Osborne a Conservative or just a prize dickhead – no we do not like paying more tax

169 days ago

Tony Benn RIP - you were wrong on everything but WILL be missed greatly

171 days ago

When is someone going to stand up to the complete bastards "working" for the London Underground?

207 days ago

Prize Caption Contest – The two Ships of Fools in the Ice & Call Me Dave with Foxy Blonde issue

239 days ago

A Bracing New Year’s Day Walk with the Mrs at Chew Lake

243 days ago

The Death of Nelson Mandela, BBC Over-reaction and the Thatcher canard

269 days ago

Tom’s Video Postcard #47 – housing bubble & global warming nutters issue

309 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Monday Edition – Polly Toynbee and the Grim North edition

324 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Fat & Stupid Scotland Edition

386 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard (Berlin & Margaret Thatcher Edition)

463 days ago

Viva Maggie – New T-shirt, sweatshirt and mug range launched today

481 days ago

David Cameron: an out of touch, principle free liar – a Godsend to UKIP

485 days ago

Video: Christopher Booker: The Margaret Thatcher I knew: nearly always right in the end

491 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Revolting Students Edition

498 days ago

Romany Blythe – Pin Up girl of the parasite class

499 days ago

The Funeral of Margaret Thatcher - My perspective from outside St Paul's

502 days ago

Thinking out loud - how to deal with AIM fraud: we go to war in May

502 days ago

Do you do Deliveries? Er no it is 3.38 AM! And a song for Maggie from the Kinks

502 days ago

Dilemmas: Another night with Wendy James because Thatcher says so

503 days ago

Lady Thatcher’s Funeral – I shall be there: Light blogging for 24 hours

503 days ago

Justin Bieber – prize shit, “the world revolves around ME”

504 days ago

The Witch is Dead Song – Farage is instinctively right on Thatcher songs, Clegg & Cameron useless & spineless

505 days ago

Margaret Thatcher does not want to jump - video

509 days ago

MPs troughing it again on Thatcher Debate – disgrace: she’d be appalled

509 days ago

Change of Speaker Line Up at UKINvestor Show this Saturday – in honour of Margaret Thatcher

510 days ago

Margaret Thatcher – Judge her by those who celebrate her death

510 days ago

Thatcher who? say how many young people?

511 days ago

Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013 – Our greatest ever PM

511 days ago

The Idiocy of press laws in the internet age – ref 82 year old arrested in Savile Enquiry in paedoBritain

520 days ago

Bethan Tichborne Deluded Lefty – but (ref Voltaire) I stand with you so: David Cameron you have blood your hands

533 days ago

David Cameron claims Thatcher legacy – absolute cobblers

543 days ago

Scumbag Tories in Grantham betray Margaret Thatcher

546 days ago

Greetings to all my Welsh Readers: Happy St David’s Day

549 days ago

Call Me Dave Cameron wrong on Inheritance Tax and Wrong on Paying for Care

554 days ago

Think the unthinkable – UKIP might just win Eastleigh – worth a flutter at 11/2

554 days ago

Will Ed Miliband Celebrate the Death of Margaret Thatcher?

560 days ago

A volley of twitter abuse from a deluded lefty

561 days ago

The best of Tweet like a lefty #tweetlikealefty

571 days ago

Guest Post: Charlotte Argyle - Is this a man’s world?

573 days ago

Gotcha Again - I'm not crying for frigging Argentina

586 days ago

What anti business planet is naive Jo Swinson MP (Lib Dem) on? Why does Call Me Dave agree with her?

593 days ago

HMV Follows Jessops and goes bust – who is next?

594 days ago

Welfare Scroungers & Fraud – The Deluded Lefties do not get it!

603 days ago

As Requested by Blog Readers: Oakley Update

606 days ago

Visiting the Birthplace of Baroness Thatcher

609 days ago

Visiting the Grim North - Off to Grantham to visit Thatcher birthplace

610 days ago

Margaret Thatcher in her Prime: You don’t grow richer by ordering another chequebook from the Bank.

637 days ago

Sir George Young, Baronet, Eton, Christ Church Oxford to reach out for the Tories to the working class

669 days ago

Michael Heseltine: Serial Judas, Unapologetically Wrong on Most things and Wrong again today – read the Reagan quotes

670 days ago

Let the Left Explain: Hurricane Sandy who is to blame?

672 days ago

Downton, Dallas, Ginger & Rosa

673 days ago

David Cameron, an EU spokesman, the Biased BBC's Today programme and your cash

675 days ago

Lunch with Academic Thatcher Haters who do not understand what frigging research means

680 days ago

Happy Birthday Margaret Thatcher

688 days ago

TUC dinosaurs dance on Thatcher Grave

720 days ago

Twitter Killing off Margaret Thatcher and ( almost Prince Phillip)

747 days ago

Striking Miners, Baroness Thatcher & Spanish Madness

782 days ago

Call Me Dave – a prize git on Carr, Morality and Tax

802 days ago

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