Saturday November 28, 2015
The Anti-smoking Nazis of the USA
Last Dance - a wonderful video of Paris and a wonderful song - sadness but defiance
Weekly postcard #131: Thoughts on Paris bombings - our politicians tell us that bombing Syria makes us safer - THEY LIE


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Weekly postcard #122 - Germany is being selfish on the migrants (and so are we) and MP's 100% wrong on assisted dying

77 days ago

Bulletin Board Winner of the Week #18 announced – it is a tie

208 days ago

Vince Cable MP, Andrew Tyrie MP and Peter Hain MP – J’accuse ref Quindell

255 days ago

Will 2015 be the year when the paedophile MPs and politicians are finally exposed?

321 days ago

Faux outrage & Orwellian demands as paedophile Jonathan King on air at BBC

429 days ago

The Gay Tory Researchers and their Orgies – the ONLY scandal is that the taxpayer is footing the bill

595 days ago

Maria Miller axed but for how long? The political class just do not get it

598 days ago

Legalise Prostitution – The Politicians have got it wrong yet again

607 days ago

Tom’s video postcard #50 – Sleazy MPs at it again on the expenses front

741 days ago

MPs are still sleazy expenses grubbers – nothing changes

873 days ago

MP’s – give us a pay rise or we will fiddle our expenses

879 days ago

Now the UK Government wants to ban the press from reporting on how it helped the US spy on UK citizens

904 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Back to Sleaze Edition

910 days ago

Secret Courts an illiberal abomination – what is Nick Clegg thinking of?

993 days ago

The 11.30 from Paddington, my disgust with a Britain our MPs never see but we all suffer

1001 days ago

Jobless Mum of 11 getting £400k Council Mansion owns a horse.. it gets unbearable – why am I paying taxes again?

1012 days ago

Friday Caption Contest: MPs in the Age of Austerity Edition

1051 days ago

Greedy, useless and unwanted – British MPs are beneath contempt

1052 days ago

More money for the troughing political classes even in austerity Britain

1053 days ago

The Gaping Divide between the Political Elite and Plebs like us in 2013: The EU

1060 days ago

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1071 days ago

Deficit Deniers in Bankrupt Britain – A 13 point plan for change

1074 days ago

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