Friday December 19, 2014
Reasons to divorce the Mrs – Giving money to Simon bloody Cowell of X-Factor
Weekly Video Postcard #94 - Christmas & why West Ham needs to send me to Greece (urgent plea) edition
My Christmas Tree Prize Competition


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I invite Sefton Resources to sue me: Please explain why you have not told lies

819 days ago

Sefton Resources – My Confusion Grows Big Time: Keep selling

827 days ago

Sefton Resources – yet more piss poor numbers and jam tomorrow

829 days ago

Northern Petroleum – Tosca well abandoned – almost irrelevant

833 days ago

Range Resources Textual Analysis Part 2 - Keep selling

834 days ago

Range Resources still a sell - odd use of language plus Sefton comment

834 days ago

Northern Petroleum – CEO Catch Up – Shares a strong buy

836 days ago

I do not believe Wessex bid rumours - sell and switch into Northern Petroleum

836 days ago

1 or 2 Fundraising windows for Junior Resource stocks before Oblivion and another 1 million overtaken on twitter!

838 days ago

Lunch with Paul Atherley of Leyshon Resources - Valuation is just wrong

840 days ago

Borders & Southern – I am not the only Sceptic

841 days ago

Range Resources Correction: Fair Price not 2.4p but 1.18p: Lucian Miers now shorting + Zoltav thoughts (sell)

843 days ago

Borders & Southern: Bad Speculation Certainly not an Investment

844 days ago

Range Resources Part 2 – Further Thoughts, conclusion sell!

846 days ago

Range Resources: Slam Dunk sell or cute punt?

847 days ago

Sefton Resources - A Multiple Choice Question

862 days ago

Northern Petroleum – Italy Drilling. It all helps

864 days ago

Falklands Oil & Gas – Do Investors Understand Spudding?

864 days ago

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