Friday December 19, 2014
Reasons to divorce the Mrs – Giving money to Simon bloody Cowell of X-Factor
Weekly Video Postcard #94 - Christmas & why West Ham needs to send me to Greece (urgent plea) edition
My Christmas Tree Prize Competition


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Weekly Video postcard #91 - The Peasants let The establishment have it & they dont like it up 'em

18 days ago

Bearcast from Tom Winnifrith - 16th October

58 days ago

How quickly sentiment changes – ref small oil stocks: the force is with them

179 days ago

Exclusive: Leni Gas Mediterranean: The smoking gun? Good News for Leni

577 days ago

No rush to buy resource stocks

599 days ago

Video Postcard Number 28

669 days ago

Northern Petroleum/Wessex/Tullow – GCSE Geography Lesson for Morons

737 days ago

Sell Wessex Exploration – Buy Northern Petroleum

744 days ago

Video Postcard Number 17

747 days ago

A Magnificent Six Oil shorts for today

751 days ago

Falklands Oil & Gas & Borders & Southern, Vindicated by another duff well I say Sell again

752 days ago

Wessex Exploration vs Northern Petroleum – madness

791 days ago

How much has chairman Jim Ellerton made from Sefton Resources?

817 days ago

Sell Falklands Oil & Gas after Loligo news - and Borders too!

823 days ago

Range Resources, Red Emperor and Horn Petroleum – sell the lot: Puntland a duster

844 days ago

The Middle East and why you need oil exposure

879 days ago

Northern Petroleum or a Falklands Explorer? Investing vs Punting

882 days ago

Max Petroleum (basket case) – Not remotely tempted, even at 3.99p

908 days ago

Cairn bid for Nautical – what next?

919 days ago

Northern Petroleum – 61.75p: Surely a snip?

924 days ago

Zoltav Resources – Overvalued hype?

928 days ago

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