Saturday August 01, 2015
Chatting up a 93 year old in Clerkenwell
Tube Drivers = Greedy Bastards who hurt poor people: when the revolution comes
This Blog backs #Corbyn4Leader


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Snacktime Results: Time to bite the bullet?

981 days ago

IQE – a safe tech wonder stock?

985 days ago

Ovoca Gold: Time to cut losses?

989 days ago

Caza Oil & Gas: Share spike on drill success but buy or sell?

997 days ago

Pursuit Dynamics – When will the Fat Lady Sing?

1003 days ago

Centaur Media – Time to bank a gain? Or More to come?

1004 days ago

Nexus – Reverse Takeover: Hope at last?

1004 days ago

Skywest Bid from Virgin – What next?

1005 days ago

Town Centre Securities – A good share tip but how good?

1006 days ago

Hambledon Mining: a dog to shoot or a recovery play?

1006 days ago

Firestone Diamonds - sell

1010 days ago

Lombard Risk Management Interims – Still a buy at 10.5p (+ CEO Chat)

1010 days ago

NetCall: Good but is it that good?

1011 days ago

Zoltav Resources – The Joke valuation starts to crumble: a classic short -

1011 days ago

Staffline: 210 Per Cent gain so far but there is more to come

1012 days ago

Elektron – Not a Good tip from me, do we hang on?

1013 days ago

Jubilee Platinum – Time to Give Up? Or Double up?

1016 days ago

Gable Holdings: Up, up and still more up to come!

1016 days ago

Impellam – 750% ahead and more to come?

1017 days ago

Shanta Gold – Placing Complete, PI screwing all done – Now we Plebs can and should buy

1017 days ago

Minoan: Godawful tip starting to come right big time

1017 days ago

Empresaria: average down?

1018 days ago

1Spatial new contract almost won - share price can double again

1018 days ago

Shanta Gold – Private Investors Screwed Again But It is still a buy

1018 days ago

S and U – You have almost Doubled your money so far but more to come: buy at 910p – target £12

1018 days ago

James Cropper: Sell and bank gains

1019 days ago

Chamberlin: Take Profits on fears over earnings visibility

1019 days ago

Archipelago Resources: 129% ahead so far but still a buy at 63p – target (at least) 95p

1020 days ago

Range Resources – what on earth is the CEO saying?

1022 days ago

Reach4Entertainment – Bad Dog is Getting Better Daily: Speculative Buy?

1023 days ago

Range, Sefton, Qihang etc – Revenue and FREE cashflow

1024 days ago

Universe Group – Speculative Recovery Buy?

1024 days ago

Sefton Resources IR Shindig – Jim Ellerton skewered, buggered and humiliated

1025 days ago

Chaarat Gold – Great Grades, Share Price All Wrong

1025 days ago

Bond International – Sell

1026 days ago

Norseman Gold PLC – Not in Administration- Brief Explanation

1027 days ago

Lombard Risk Management – Trading Ahead of Forecasts: Buy

1031 days ago

1Spatial – Mega Contract win – shares have doubled in 3 weeks ( will double again)

1032 days ago

East West Resources ( Ambrian as was): sell

1032 days ago

Symphony Environmental: 65% down but it will bounce back

1036 days ago

Zoltav Resources – Joke valuation, joke company – stonking short

1037 days ago

Pan African Resources – 570 Per Cent ahead on this tip so far – more to come

1037 days ago

Continental Precious Minerals: Uranium play trading at discount to cash

1039 days ago

Sefton Resources You couldn’t make it up… well they could - Utter Bullshit

1040 days ago

JJB Sports - Officially bust – 100% win for me in 19 days

1041 days ago

Reach4Entertainment: Bad Dog or Good Dog?

1044 days ago

Minoan – Better Late than Never: Buy

1044 days ago

Rethink Profits warning - buy

1045 days ago

Sefton Resources – Someone is misleading about output (August data now out): Sell

1047 days ago

Shanta Gold – Low Risk Very Cheap Gold Play

1047 days ago

Intandem - Catch up with Gary Smith

1048 days ago

Skywest – Share Price Virgin on the very cheap indeed

1048 days ago

ReThink Group CEO Chat -Looks a Buy at 8p

1059 days ago

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