Wednesday November 26, 2014
Logistics Issue No 2 at the Greek Hovel – Smoking Myself Out but feeling Macho
Video Postcard #90 - The Rochester fallout, UKIP, immigration and the despised political classes
Off to Ireland for the Weekend – Ballymaloe beckons


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Tom Winnifrith: BearCast Special - Equities First - the lies of Rob Terry, Quindell & Cenkos - D-day for all 3 looms

3 days ago

Quindell – Let’s Put the Canadian Telematics lies into context

34 days ago

Quenron – Another Hot Air RNS - this time in Canada

35 days ago

BearCast Special: Deciphering the misleading or distracting RNS or RNS Reach - 4 case studies from today

35 days ago

Quindell Director Share Purchases are all PR – as good a sell signal as last time

35 days ago

Let’s pretend we are taking legal action say the PLC casino “players

48 days ago

Rob Terry now about those 9.178808m Quindell shares – a Multiple Choice Question for you

48 days ago

The first Quindell lie of the day exposed – Quindell Property Services

52 days ago

Quindell’s RNS from 18 September 2012 – Quintica Red Flags

52 days ago

Quindell and the Business Advisory Service Limited Acquisition - £8.2 million more for Rob Terry’s pals

105 days ago

I’ve just arranged contracts for my luxury yacht but er….Avanti RNS today

106 days ago

Westminster Group Insider Dealing ahead of Placing – why are the City Spivs allowed to get away with it?

109 days ago

POS Outsourcery statement – Piers Linney this does not wash Mr Dragon’s Den

115 days ago

PLCs that are Good Investments Do not issue an RNS at 5.52 PM

121 days ago

Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas you are a liar and a fraud and should go to prison

121 days ago

Roland “Fatty” Cornish – We will publish any response you may have: here is your Charge Sheet

137 days ago

Quindell: Damned if I comment, damned if I don’t – Fidelity ups stake so what?

143 days ago

Yet another request to AIM Regulation to investigate and discipline Roland “Fatty” Cornish

143 days ago

The Richard Wilson Moment for Avanti Communications and its Contract today” I just don’t believe it!”

143 days ago

Astar Minerals – The Liar Repenteth via RNS and with a personal apology: Vindicated the Sheriff moves on

150 days ago

A formal Request to the FCA & AIM regulation regarding Quindell and Cenkos regarding the PT lie

156 days ago

Quindell tells a blatant and demonstrable lie today – re PT

156 days ago

Quindell Red Flag of the Day – About those missing 100 million PT Healthcare shares?

157 days ago

Is a typo a hanging offence – ref Leni Gas & Oil?

159 days ago

Astar Minerals – Please Explain why you lied to investors: sell

159 days ago

Quindell Bans Media from AGM but I guess 1 Journalist will be there…The Sheriff of AIM

159 days ago

Quindell: Himex and the missing shares – can anyone explain?

164 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #67: Iraq, the Islamofascists and blowback edition

164 days ago

An Open Letter to AIM Regulation – A Third Request to Investigate Nomad Roland “Fatty” Cornish

165 days ago

The Danger of Getting Too Close to Companies - ref Vatukoula and others

172 days ago

Quindell: Very Serious Question for Rob Terry re shares given to his old mucker Paul Stanley

178 days ago

Tangiers Petroleum – extended fund raise – this stinks like a kangaroo's arse

178 days ago

Like father like son, today it is Greka Drilling spinning a profits warning as good news

197 days ago

Green Dragon Misleading Investors – When is a decrease an increase? What a frigging joke.

198 days ago

Quindell: I can smell the desperation Mr Terry: The Diminishing Power of non news

203 days ago

Quindell: Explaining the Difference Between a Broker & a Nomad for Bulletin Board Morons

207 days ago

Globo – A Muted Reaction to Today's PR Bullshit says it all: investors are (rightly) shit scared

241 days ago

Kenmare – Director’s share purchases mean jack shit – keep selling

258 days ago

W Resources – Sell – when’s the heavily discounted placing?

268 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – another question for Nomad FinnCap & Disgraced CEO Sean Nutley

305 days ago

AIM Cesspit: Pittards – the shocking news it did not tell you before Christmas

306 days ago

GLI Finance - follow the BOD and Buy

307 days ago

Ortac’s Placing shows why AIM needs Reform – this monstrous buggery of Private Investors must STOP

310 days ago

Liam McGrattan’s IMC Exploration – You could not make this up, the man is a sheer comic genius

342 days ago

Summit Corp & Dr Steve Davies: They just can't get enough, no they just can't get enough

366 days ago

Sovereign Mines of Africa: Rampity, Rampity, ramp – another RNS: When is the placing?

372 days ago

Sefton production: what it is not saying – oh dear, oh dear

429 days ago

Cyan – Blatant ramp via over-hyped RNS so when is the rescue placing?

429 days ago

Sefton Resources misleads investors again, announced pathetic fund raise & is told libel case is in tatters by its own lawyers

460 days ago

On the AIM Cesspit a raft of RNS = Placing Ahoy

482 days ago

Sefton Announcement: Blatant pre placing ramp, falling production, Comical Ali – the joke gets funnier

483 days ago

Sefton Resources does not want you seeing this video

483 days ago

Sefton Resources Kansas Part 1 - surely not another misleading statement?

505 days ago

Fully listed Office2Office - Do you WANT people to think you are dodgy?

511 days ago

You are hated in the City! Yup tell me something I don’t know

525 days ago

Market Commentator or Maverick Share tipster? I'm with foxy Harriet

539 days ago

Cupid you are talking bollocks

540 days ago

Sefton: Those misleading results -2

555 days ago

Sefton Resources 2012 Results: Where to start? A Disgrace

555 days ago

Exclusive: Mediterranean Oil & Gas hits back at Leni Gas & oil

555 days ago

Sirius Minerals - New Threat to Planning Permission

557 days ago

In the AIM Cesspit: Motive TV and its constant issue of equity

560 days ago

A question for Sefton Resources

573 days ago

Lombard Risk Management - Burying Good News

585 days ago

Sirius Minerals Cash Position – Just do the maths – Share Placing ahead DESPITE RNS denials

646 days ago

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