Wednesday May 04, 2016
Labour and the Jew haters... Hamas speaks up for Corbyn and against the zionists
Kids with thick left wing parents suffer a double whammy on #Kidsstrike3rdMay
Leicester City, yadda, yadda, yadda - it's really not that earth shattering


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The World's Number 1 Mining Analyst, Roger Bade, and the curious sell note

75 days ago

World’s No 1 Mining analyst insults Coronation Street – serious lapse of judgment

225 days ago

Stratmin – a horror blow from Oz, warns top analyst Roger Bade

274 days ago

How bearish can we be on mining stocks – the world’s No 1 analyst Roger Bade warns things will get worse

581 days ago

Minco – The World’s No 1 Mining Analyst upgrades to BUY sees 100% upside

649 days ago

New World Resources – Sell: Downside risk is 100%

771 days ago

Kenmare – Director’s share purchases mean jack shit – keep selling

782 days ago

Wolf Minerals – The World’s Number One Mining analyst Vindicated

783 days ago

Sirius Minerals – top broker upgrades his stance to BUY at 13.5p – 4 month target 20p

798 days ago

Is the world’s No 1 mining analyst Roger Bade calling the bottom on Kenmare?

831 days ago

You surely cannot be Sirius about your maths?

912 days ago

Kenmare – Where now post rescue cash call? Withering analyst comment.

933 days ago

Sell New World Resources says Mining Guru Roger Bade

989 days ago

Kenmare Resources Trading Statement – less dire than usual, but…

1007 days ago

Johnson Matthey a sell at 2758 - uber excellent analyst Roger Bade

1013 days ago

Sirius Minerals - a balanced expert view and hard cash facts

1022 days ago

Mining stocks: Mr Mega Bear Roger Bade is still bearish - new report

1038 days ago

Exclusive: Sirius Minerals - the numbers may not stack up: what the company has NOT told you

1090 days ago

New Guest Post by Sam Bottell: The Major Gold Producers – a sector “steeped in mediocrity”

1174 days ago

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