Wednesday July 01, 2015
Photo article: Free Speech & Liberty stands with Greece – say Oxi! To the banksters
Weekly Postcard #118 - How to deal with ISIS
Sometimes I love running a restaurant, sometimes I hate it…


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Quindell's pals: Slater & Gordon shares crash as it admits to its own accounting “errors” with additional comment

2 days ago

Brokerman Dan – An Apology and a Comment or Two on Sefton Resources

3 days ago

Quindell shares suspended, FCA investigation, Tom Winnifrith "I'm 100% vindicated" - for Rob Terry prison beckons

7 days ago

Video Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources at ZaksTradersCafe

8 days ago

Madagascar Oil could be a multibagger - Evil Knievil

8 days ago

Imaginatik & Quob Park Estate ( aka fraudster Rob Terry) - check out Twitter

9 days ago

Breaking: Rob Terry accuses Quindell board of hiding facts & destroying value - slashes value for shares

12 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Comrade Malcolm Stacey WRONG on Greece & Shares

14 days ago

Auhua - what a bunch of cocksuckers - crony capitalists foiled by The Sheriff of AIM

15 days ago

Exclusive: China AIM play Auhua share price 14p - WH Ireland trying to raise cash at 4p

15 days ago

Golden Saint Resources - where are the shareholders classic cars?

20 days ago

Exclusive: After the pump shameless UK Oil & Gas now doing a c£6 and a bit million placing

21 days ago

Buy IS Solutions

27 days ago

Sefton - a question that broker Cornhill might wish to answer?

28 days ago

Sefton - The Smears start again for those who dare to question

32 days ago

Sefton Resources - the Drama continues - what an omnishambles

33 days ago

Sefton - Time it fessed up

34 days ago

US Oil & Gas - the worthless shares are trading again, GXG shows its regulators are as useless as the rest

35 days ago

1Spatial - already 62% up on this share tip but there is more to come

43 days ago

Exclusive: Rose Petroleum Placing closed last night - as predicted at 0.3p

43 days ago

BREAKING: Plus500 - shares collapsing - odd statement on its website

44 days ago

Touchstone Gold - No-one is watching O'clock placing & translation service

45 days ago

US Oil & Gas - so when is the report into your lies due? When is insolvency?

45 days ago

Reach4Entertainment - Not a Good statement, but

48 days ago

Exclusive: Rose Petroleum looking to raise 3 million quid at 0.3p - the disaster story continues

48 days ago

Video from UK Investor Show - how to value Mining Shares by Amanda Van Dyke

49 days ago

New World Oil & Gas: Chris Oil & the Shorts off the Hook: shares collapse

50 days ago

Pump & Dump Merchant Brokerman Dan sends Sefton shares plunging

50 days ago

Buy Distil at 0.8p

52 days ago

Optibiotix – are we buying or selling?

53 days ago

1 More Question for Rosslyn Data Technologies

53 days ago

How to Judge share tipsters: Video of Paul Roberts of Stockomendation at UK Investor Show

53 days ago

Could Chris Oil lose £7 million on New World Oil & Gas? Or more?

57 days ago

Daniel Stewart Shares Suspended, Maybe Roland “fatty” Cornish needs convincing on funny money

59 days ago

Daniel Stewart – shares suspended at 4.30 PM today?

62 days ago

Video of Mirada Presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015

62 days ago

Arria NLG – another disaster for the AIM Casino & it shows that IIs are as thick as the rest of us

62 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 27 April - Ive just had enough

65 days ago

Video of the No 1 presentation at UK Investor Show - Mark Slater

65 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Doing the maths on Sefton & why its 80%+ overvalued

66 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 24 April: Sefton shares should be suspended

68 days ago

Video of the Oil experts Session at UK Investor Show - Horse Hill and much more

68 days ago

This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election - UK Investor debate video

70 days ago

Insetco – it is the end my friend, another AIM Casino disgrace

75 days ago

Environmental Recycling, formerly 3DM, still a POS 10 years after we battled last - time for round 2?

79 days ago

MoPowered – it is Five Months to tits up: time to ‘fess up losers

80 days ago

Should I go to the London Stock Exchange AGM to ask about China frauds?

80 days ago

Why Ultrasis is almost certainly brown bread – Paul Bell arrested

80 days ago

Oooh er Mrs…Management Resource shares suspended – who is the mysterious Halycon?

83 days ago

blinkx trading statement is dire and worse is to come on April 18

83 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s Sell tips for Easter No 3 – Mosman Oil & Gas

84 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s Sell Tips for Easter No 2 – Gulf Keystone at 36p

87 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Easter share tips (buys) No 1 – InterQuest at 100p

87 days ago

Stanley Gibbons profits warning - buying op?

89 days ago

Quindell – a six hour suspension as it is caught telling monstrous lies again

91 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Positive Seminar Video: Reasons to be buying shares right now & 5 share tips

92 days ago

Slater & Gordon Shares suspended – it is buying QLS – what now for Quenron?

93 days ago

A director share trade is not always a signal for you to trade– ref Interquest, Volex & Quindell

94 days ago

FCA asked to investigate Cenkos and Rosslyn Data Technologies over IPO Prospectus

96 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 25 March - a busy day

98 days ago

Reader poll - which will be the next China AIM stock to be suspended as fraud emerges

98 days ago

Will Worthington Shares ever trade again? I think not…and win 2 of the day for the Sheriff of AIM

99 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - A Butchers at Rosslyn Data

99 days ago

Why I’m sticking with Premaitha – cracking news today, BTW

100 days ago

Afren the RNS it forgot to release on Friday – it has brought in the SFO in to catch the crooks

101 days ago

Peter Landau wants to float another POS on AIM – the man has no shame

103 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the Disgrace and Omnishambles that is Gulfsands Petroleum

103 days ago

Is it farewell Pete Landau? Black Mountain shares suspended as Nomad quits

105 days ago

Slater & Gordon Bitch Slaps Quindell for a 3rd time for misleading investors

105 days ago

The 57 year old Punk from The Stingrays makes my day on a train journey of two halves

110 days ago

Afren – First take on the omnishambles from Waseem & Tom

110 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus podcast - banking profits

110 days ago

Impellam - Results very much on track

111 days ago

Rules 37, 38 and 39 of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

115 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus Bearcast - Coms vs Igas

117 days ago

Quindell dumps shares in NARS – market source

117 days ago

Adept Telecom is a buy at up to 150p

121 days ago

Exclusive: Which AIM CEO has been in gaol since mid-November? The casino’s darkest hour is now

122 days ago

Quindell – Nothing Wrong with the QLS Business Model: Really? Why 0p is still my target

123 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast: Rightster IS a Wrongster

124 days ago

Sefton – Surreal, Clem Chambers joins the acid trip

127 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - LGO Energy, time to let rip

127 days ago

Video - Symphony Environmental at ShareProphets Seminar

127 days ago

The Worthington Fraud Part 15 – This is the killer email

128 days ago

Broker Hybridan says Optiobiotix at 19.875p is worth 48.9p or 200p

132 days ago

Red Flag Number 31 ( of 49) from Tom Winnifrith

136 days ago

Afren Shares tank as bid talks off – still a sell at 5p – target 0p

138 days ago

The US Oil & Gas fraud – GXG markets shows up AIM for the casino it really is

141 days ago

Premaitha – how high could it go in the Long Term? I am asked

142 days ago

Premaitha launches Iona test as it gets CE mark ..shares up but more to come

143 days ago

Video Insetco Presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

143 days ago

Is Rightster a Wrongster?

145 days ago

Quindell still talking to Slater & Gordon….its shareholders are still screwed

149 days ago

Berkeley Minerals – Surely someone needs to go to jail? I have a suggestion

149 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what is cheap and what is a trading statement?

151 days ago

An Open Letter to Big Ray Zimmerman of ZAI re his fraudulent client Naibu

152 days ago

Red Flags 2 & 3 from Tom Winnifrith’s 49 Red Flags

154 days ago

Mosman Oil & Gas – are the Kangaroo shagging rampers insolvent yet?

154 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 27 January

155 days ago

Greece Election Results BearCast with Tom Winnifrith

156 days ago

Quindell Bearcast - Slater Gordon and the Gotham Dragon starts to wake up

159 days ago

BREAKING: Quindell – Slater & Gordon Comments & the Morons are F**ked!

160 days ago

Naibu, China Chaintek, Camkids, Pinsent Masons and Crowe Clark Whitehill & an open letter to Ray Zimmerman of ZAI

160 days ago

Igas shares now 30.5p – FFS Piggy Austin: what about the margin call

161 days ago

Action Hotels – Expect a “No Reason” statement soon

161 days ago

How to Make Money Out of Shares You Know Little About. Ref: IQE

161 days ago

Universe Group a Penny Share tip at a 7.5p offer

162 days ago

Sefton Resources & its Smear campaign expose – Starting Pistol fired

164 days ago

Rules 27 & 28 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

164 days ago

Andrew "piggy" Austin of IGAS - It's Happy First Anniversary on your dodgy EFH share deals day

166 days ago

Reader Poll – when will Andrew “piggy” Austin of Igas be fired?

166 days ago

Exclusive: Lucian Miers goes short Monitise at 21p

167 days ago

Northern Petroleum forced into issuing a (lack of) profits warning but why is it still not coming clean

169 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 11 January

171 days ago

Buy Entu at 107p

172 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips of the year 2015, No 8 – sell Jiasen International at 42.5p

178 days ago

Why do writers opt NOT to own the shares they write about?

179 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s Share Tips for 2015, No 5 – Sell Quindell, target 0p

181 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s Tip of the Year No 4 – Buy Optibiotix

181 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips for 2015 No 3 – Sell Globo at 39p

181 days ago

Quindell CEO Robert Fielding: Tell us all about RTA Management Services Ltd and the £2 million?

182 days ago

ValiRx – I just have to crow

195 days ago

And now at 32p the Quindell Bulletin Board Moron of the day (DMajor) thinks smearing me helps

197 days ago

Quindell – The Silence on the Nomad issue & share suspension is deafening

198 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 14 December -Santa rally is hogwash, shares are going down

199 days ago

Tom Winnifrith on the spot video as Crony Capitalists at Daniel Stewart have champagne party

201 days ago

ZAI Corporate Finance is the new Daniel Stewart – a list of Bargepole stocks (its clients)

202 days ago

Crony Capitalism Filming Alert – Daniel Stewart Christmas Party

202 days ago

Quindell the Death March accelerates – when will the shares be suspended?

203 days ago

IGAS – Time for Piggy Wiggy Andrew Austin to fess up on EFH margin call

203 days ago

Rob Terry of Quenron dumps 24 million shares – what more do you morons need to know?

203 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Rampage as Rob Terry dumps his Quenron shares

203 days ago

When will Quindell shares be suspended? Prize sweepstake

204 days ago

Oi Quindell are you sure your customers still love you? Tell us about Swinton

205 days ago

Plastics Capital Interims - on track: the shares are a buy

205 days ago

Fox Marble Offtake Deal - Buy

206 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Quindell Bearcast Special - The implications of today's revelations

207 days ago

Quindell and Iter8 – the case of the gaps in the CV

208 days ago

ValiRX – it will be different this time! Oh no it won’t Mr Bulletin Board Moron

208 days ago

What a Quindell Moron does in his spare time…blackmail and lie

209 days ago

Quindell – the RNS It Must Issue Thursday 7 AM: Clarification of Financial Position

209 days ago

Quindell – the Buying silence is deafening: questions? Questions?

211 days ago

BearCast from Tom Winnifrith - why IGAS is a screaming short & the shale bubble

213 days ago

EXCLUSIVE – Daniel Stewart loses Nomad License – death knell for it & the China Frauds

215 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Red Flags – Bulletin Board Morons publish Real Man Pizza Accounts!

216 days ago

K3 Business Technology AGM - Good news all round from another of our winning share tips

216 days ago

New Reader Poll – when will Quindell shares be suspended pending Clarification?

216 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's ANGRY Bearcast - 27 November

216 days ago

The Business Ethics (lack of) of conman Rob Terry of Quindell & his mobile number for you all

218 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special on Quindell (Fidelity Blinks), IGAS and its Scumbag Nomad Jefferies

218 days ago

What would I do next if I was Rob Terry of Quindell?

218 days ago

Steve Scott’s Quindell Share Sales – the Game is Up for Quindell

220 days ago

The Quindell Equities First Scandal – will IGas be the first Domino to topple?

220 days ago

IQE, IGas caught up in the Equity First/Quenron scandal – best to stand aside for now

220 days ago

Insider Dealing added to Rob Terry’s Rap Sheet – Canaccord quits Quindell: Terry going to prison, Quindell to 0p

226 days ago

BearCast Special on Quindell – Rob Terry’s stock is all being sold he is not a net buyer – Equity First Explained

237 days ago

Rob Terry invests not a cent to buy a million Quindell shares – what bollocks

237 days ago

Quindell does not realise that its defence blog against me is now a key part of the prosecution case

237 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board/Twitter Moron of the Week 3 – A winner is announced

240 days ago

Follow Quindell Director Robert Bright – you are ‘avin a bubble – with Paul Scott comment

240 days ago

Independent Oil & Gas – its PR cocksucker should be shot for weasel and misleading words as I expose this POS

241 days ago

Mr Noone says buy Quindell with a 655p target because he is paid to write bollocks

244 days ago

Real Man Supports the Westminster Group Ebola appeal – will you?

244 days ago

Weekend caption Contest: Quindell/QPPSAG Edition Results

244 days ago

Foxtons still a sell at 158p

244 days ago

Amino is already a winning share tip from Steve & I but there is still c40% upside

244 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast - the 7 reasons why Quindell shares should be suspended on Monday

244 days ago

Quindell & the Himex shares – something looks very fishy indeed here

244 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 22 October - No Apologies to Daniel Stewart

252 days ago

InterQuest - ching ching!

252 days ago

Rules 22 & 23 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares

252 days ago

Optibiotix – Video of Presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

252 days ago

Quindell Director Share Purchases are all PR – as good a sell signal as last time

252 days ago

Restore – well ahead of my June share tip – far more to come

252 days ago

Why the ethical investing of Malcolm Stacey is so much tummy rot - I cite Wilberforce

253 days ago

Quindell Trading Statement – Folks are starting to see what Bullshit it all is

253 days ago

Quindell & Compass Costs: the numbers do not add up and this stinks: the worst filing yet – FCA problems now looming?

253 days ago

Paul Scott’s Bargepole List – As you’d expect its bang on the Money

253 days ago

Video Postcard #85 – happy Birthday Nadine, welcome to Britain & immigration issue

255 days ago

Video of Premaitha presentation at the ShareProphets Seminar

265 days ago

More Shit from AIM casino joke stock MoPowered

265 days ago

Rob Terry now about those 9.178808m Quindell shares – a Multiple Choice Question for you

265 days ago

Begbies Traynor – minor profits blip a buying opportunity

265 days ago

Amara Mining – New Estimate at Yaoure: clear value in the shares

269 days ago

ShareProphets Seminars: Video Presentation by Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble

269 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Daniel Stewart & Steamy Special

269 days ago

Kalimantan – and the Placing they didn’t tell you about: More shite from a POS on the AIM casino

271 days ago

Daniel Stewart – what a total joke: shares suspended

273 days ago

Quindell – No Reason for the Share Price Movement: Bollocks & I refer you to 2002

275 days ago

Quindell now at 136.5p – 75% off highs where next & a reminder of 8th August

278 days ago

Quindell – has it sold more shares in itself without telling us so?

279 days ago

Mr Dragon’s Den Piers Linney: Why are Outsourcery’s customers so loathe to pay their bills?

280 days ago

Bingo, bongo, Bango – dismal interims – when is the bailout cash call?

280 days ago

CEO ego of the week: Dominic Keen CEO of Mopowered

282 days ago

How Bulletin Board Morons Deny Disaster – case study Monitise

283 days ago

Optibiotix – Nizo deal: valuation crackers, buy

283 days ago

Winners & Losers from the Naibu fraud: Daniel Stewart & Shareholders

283 days ago

Naibu FRAUD watch Day 1: now on a PE of 0.46 and 132% upside in shares if Daniel Stewart believes its own SHIT – why wont it say buy?

283 days ago

Outsourcery share slump accelerates - is Dragon’s Den star Piers Linney really worth £100 million?

283 days ago

Naibu Interims – this stinks to high heaven, shares plunge but target is 0p – this is a Norfolk

284 days ago

Quindell and Jonathan Stretton Knowles, or is it Jon, or Stretton-Knowles – curiouser and curiouser: More Quindell Horseshit

284 days ago

Monitise - Visa is walking, shares crash, and another win for the Sheriff

285 days ago

The Naibu fraud – two critical questions and tests of integrity for Daniel Stewart as the stock heads to 0p and/or a delisting

290 days ago

Video Postcard #80, snakes, frigana and falling in love with Kambos issue

290 days ago

Value Investing and Chinese Stocks – Asian Citrus, a sell even though shares trade at a discount to stated net cash

290 days ago

Alliance Pharma Interims - buy at up to 35p

290 days ago

Amara Mining: Great Drilling Results and the Loathsome Peter Hain MP buys shares

297 days ago

Rules 2 & 7 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

298 days ago

Quindell & Himex: how many shares in itself has Quindell sold this time? And More.

298 days ago

US Oil & Gas – Last trade was at 34p – get out now while you can – target 0p.

299 days ago

Quindell – The Two Questions about the interims a bull must ask

300 days ago

Quindell Interims – Accruals, selling shares it issued to itself and more in red flag feast

300 days ago

Quindell & Himex – just a bit of background

305 days ago

Quindell – what Percent of 2011 sales came from the covert sale of Quindell shares? Almost 50%? And More than 100% of profits?

305 days ago

Hutchison China MediTech – biotech setback last chance to buy

305 days ago

Amara Mining – we are well ahead on share tip but there’s more to come – Yaoure news

317 days ago

Which David Lenigas stock do our readers think will gain the most this week?

323 days ago

African Eagle – Is this the end or the beginning of the end: shares suspended

323 days ago

blinkx & Skyrocket – it has not learned its Edelman lesson: just not investment grade material: sell

326 days ago

TXO - Tim Baldwin explains and puts the case on video

326 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #75 – falling in love with the Greek Hovel and my way of life here

326 days ago

Sell and Short Gulf Keystone at 68.25p

326 days ago

Naibu – Daniel Stewart pumps out buy note but will not answer critical question – target price cut to 0.0000001p

326 days ago

Quindell and ANOTHER (misleading) Trading Statement as the shit hits the fan

326 days ago

Action Hotels - new contract: Buy ( look at asset backing)

326 days ago

Naibu – Comedy RNS, Tragedy awaits – sell at 51.5p – target price 1p

330 days ago

Creston – 19% ahead on this share tip but far more to go for

331 days ago

NEW Mining and Oil shares book by Tom Winnifrith – get your FREE Copy

332 days ago

Quindell – Er...Perhaps you might explain who runs Intelligent Claims Management?

332 days ago

AfriaAg - a cute Africa play or just another David Lenigas promote: watch the video and you decide

332 days ago

ASOS: I said sell at £33, shares now £24 – target cut from £20 to £16, keep selling

332 days ago

Rules 37 and 35 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares ( CPRs & Cash)

332 days ago

Buy Begbies Traynor at a 53p offer

332 days ago

10 Reasons to be bearish about shares & why Malcolm Stacey is wrong

332 days ago

Minoan: Buy or Sell the shares? It depends on your investment timeframe

332 days ago

WINNER! Ariana – Already up on our 0.85p tip at 1.13p after one month – watch this and understand the real upside

332 days ago

Afren – Share Price over-reaction to alleged boardroom backhanders? I think so.

332 days ago

Piers Linney of Dragon’s Den fame – you have 38 hours left to deliver the bad news on Outsourcery: A Reminder…Tick Tock

336 days ago

Looking forward to the last day of the month here at the Greek Hovel

336 days ago

Bushveld Minerals at 4.1p worth 49.5p says convicted felon Charlie Gibson..whatever

336 days ago

Hutchison China Meditech – I’m well ahead on this China share tip but more to come

336 days ago

Piers Linney of Dragons Den – another business failure unearthed & his PLC record in focus as shares in Outsourcery Slump

337 days ago

Doriemus: Disposal Makes Sense. The shares are a buy and comrade Brokerman Dan is wrong

338 days ago

Watch Fortune Mojapelo of Bushveld Minerals in video action

338 days ago

It is sometimes prudent to place shares – do not always bash the boss: ref Leni Gas & Oil

338 days ago

Quindell & Industrial Deafness – how the “industry” works and why that means Quindell’s numbers do not add up

338 days ago

Invest in us we are ethical – just another AIM Con

338 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – hang on fellows

338 days ago

David Lenigas Company Rare Earth Minerals - raging buy or stonking sell - watch THIS video and you decide

338 days ago

Mothercare – how low will it fall?

338 days ago

Westminster Group Video - cheap as chips or another AIM loser - for you decide

340 days ago

Minco – The World’s No 1 Mining Analyst upgrades to BUY sees 100% upside

341 days ago

Quindell the Trading Statement - SMTM

352 days ago

Coms: Buy, sell or hold at 4.33p

353 days ago

Cenkos, Canaccord, Daniel Stewart all say buy Quindell but do they mean it? Er……

354 days ago

Exclusive: Naibu – Evil Knievil admits he was wrong & The Sheriff of AIM Right and sells all his shares

354 days ago

Quindell: Damned if I comment, damned if I don’t – Fidelity ups stake so what?

360 days ago

Quindell – Sorry to be a pedant but Mr 2+2 can = 5 seems to have forgotten to issue some more shares

360 days ago

Buy Plastics Capital – Results and Company Chat

360 days ago

Mattioli Woods – Buy after Positive Trading Statement

360 days ago

Sorry to be a total pedant but has Quindell been selling shares in itself on the quiet?

360 days ago

Has Quindell issued shares “to itself” again? Time to come clean on PT Healthcare

364 days ago

Quindell and Silverbeck Rymer - Oh how interesting

367 days ago

Volex – ramping Research, Odd Director buying and a ludicrous valuation

374 days ago

Concha – Chris Akers prize bullshitter: Ramp, Ramp Ramp

376 days ago

Learn from the Grand Master: The Grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey

381 days ago

Quindell – Another Question (sorry) re shares and Paul Stanley

397 days ago

Empresaria – we are 58% ahead on this share tip after AGM but more to come

404 days ago

Coms – Corrected piece, Conclusion Unchanged

409 days ago

EMED Quarterlies - Buy

409 days ago

New World Resources – Sell: Downside risk is 100%

463 days ago

Tanfield – No rush to buy: do the maths!

471 days ago

Gulfsands Petroleum – Still a sell

487 days ago

GLI Finance - follow the BOD and Buy

524 days ago

Gulfsands Petroleum: At 43p – time to bargain hunt?

537 days ago

Rule 44 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares

542 days ago

250 more free copies of my new £10.25 book - the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares on offer

546 days ago

Last few free copies of my New Amazon listed book on offer

565 days ago

Fox Marble Trading statement - up on my share tip but still a buy

566 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons and share tipsters the Law applies to both!

577 days ago

Buy Interquest at a 92p offer price

583 days ago

Berkeley Mineral Resources – speculative buy at 2.13p

586 days ago

Sovereign Mines of Africa: Rampity, Rampity, ramp – another RNS: When is the placing?

589 days ago

Globo CEO Buys shares but it Costis not a lot & means less

596 days ago

Tom's video postcard #49 - the failings of UKIP issue

598 days ago

Amara Mining - Cute deal

600 days ago

Enables IT – Placing & Acquisition – buy at 40.5p target 60p

603 days ago

Beware Lobster Pots: The 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares – only 200 free copies left to give away: Tom Winnifrith

605 days ago

Another 500 free copies of Tom Winnifrith’s 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares on Offer NOW

609 days ago

Royal Mail – Sell at 475p

622 days ago

New article live: Vialogy - Dan Levi and I join the shareholder list - the gruesome twosome go into battle

625 days ago

Out today – The 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares (my new book) – 500 free copies on offer

632 days ago

New book just completed and off for layout – out next week: time for a drink or seven

636 days ago

Sefton production: what it is not saying – oh dear, oh dear

645 days ago

Blocking some tool (Clive Winward) on twitter

749 days ago

Does the budget mean that house-building stocks are still a sell?

828 days ago

Asking your help – do you blog on shares or read a blog on shares?

838 days ago

Video Postcard Number 27

870 days ago

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