Saturday November 28, 2015
The Anti-smoking Nazis of the USA
Last Dance - a wonderful video of Paris and a wonderful song - sadness but defiance
Weekly postcard #131: Thoughts on Paris bombings - our politicians tell us that bombing Syria makes us safer - THEY LIE


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Tom Winnifrith’s ninth share tip of the year – sell Volex

327 days ago

Foxtons still a sell at 158p

393 days ago

Kenmare: Dismal AGM statement but its spineless shareholders deserve no better

548 days ago

Gulf Keystone – IMS : Good News…for the bears

563 days ago

Blinkx and BlackRock – what is going on?

564 days ago

Mothercare at 170p – Target price 0.01p (generous): look at the balance sheet

570 days ago

Vatukoula – Sell

570 days ago

Blinkx – a City Broker’s buy note target price 175p – and a question or eight

570 days ago

Iofina Dog’s Dinner of a Trading Statement and more to come

571 days ago

Iofina – guess who has gone short & why?

609 days ago

Iofina – what’s wrong? When is the rescue bailout going to be announced?

612 days ago

Vipera finally gets placing away at 6p but this is still a bag of shite

648 days ago

Globo Trading Statement Tuesday – what it says does not matter & the Devastating Ennismore Bear note

669 days ago

Ukrproduct – Getting Another Dire Profits warning out on a quiet day

694 days ago

Iofina Profits Warning – Red Flags all over the shop – Shocker

710 days ago

Trade 5 in my Christmas spreadbet challenge with ETX – Sell Cupid

725 days ago

Range Resources – How Much Cash Left?

729 days ago

AIM Cesspit Posterboy Cyan, Indian Order Delayed (again), cash draining away fast

743 days ago

Alecto Minerals – a totally misleading announcement from a desperate firm

751 days ago

Dialight Trading Statement – Evil Knievil delighted: it ain’t good

751 days ago

You surely cannot be Sirius about your maths?

754 days ago

Kenmare Resources more bad news. Oh dear. Oh dear

758 days ago

Globo – Matt Earl the dark destroyer weighs in as the company issues bizarre statement

761 days ago

Evil Knievil expects Dialight shares to halve and I agree. Here's why

774 days ago

Sell Avanti Communications at 234p – A horrid accident waiting to happen

778 days ago

Vialogy – Bulletin Board Morons take another beating – awful finals and the smell of death

789 days ago

CPP – The biggest bear squeeze I have ever seen: Evil Knievil

846 days ago

Kenmare Resources Trading Statement – less dire than usual, but…

849 days ago

Hibu shares suspended and Bulletin Board Morons wiped out

856 days ago

Sirius Minerals more delays – when is the cash call ( part2) - this is getting worse

859 days ago

Sirius Minerals more delays – when is the cash call?

862 days ago

SocialGo almost SocialGone but on the AIM Cesspit the zombie never dies

866 days ago

Exclusive: Evil Knievil goes short of Cyan

870 days ago

EU Grants to Listed companies - picking losers with your cash ( the reverse Midas touch)

871 days ago

Avanti Communications is simply not investment grade material says Evil Knievil

871 days ago

Sefton Resources Kansas Part 1 - surely not another misleading statement?

871 days ago

AIM Cesspit posterboy Cyan Indian Delay - when's the next cash call?

872 days ago

Goldstone drilling results - can it really say this?

876 days ago

Office2Office: buy for a 13% yield - you are kidding me right?

876 days ago

Fully listed Office2Office - Do you WANT people to think you are dodgy?

878 days ago

Amara Mining - Baomahun Feasibility Study is a joke

879 days ago

Verdes Management shares suspended - why?

880 days ago

Bullabulling - More bullshit as new mineplan announced - the maths DO NOT stack up

880 days ago

Breaking News: Cupid the Independent Review by KPMG is not even fit for loo paper and here is why

880 days ago

Change of stance - First Property is it worth the risk?

889 days ago

Cupid AGM statement begs more questions

890 days ago

Centamin - where is the RNS fellows?

891 days ago

Guest Post Lucian Miers - PureCircle is an accident waiting to happen

903 days ago

Nice work if you can get it - Rob Terry at Quindell: but what is Indoor City Golf Ltd?

904 days ago

Cupid how rapidly are L4L sales plunging and back to cash (or lack of it) once again

906 days ago

Cupid you are talking bollocks

906 days ago

Sefton Resources "creating value - the killer facts

907 days ago

Cupid shares tumbling - what is its cash position?

907 days ago

Arian Silver - another death spiral drawdown: show me the money boyos

907 days ago

Exclusive: Sefton Resources multiple investigations by AIM regulation team now underway

910 days ago

Evil Knievil Lucian Miers Cupid Update

910 days ago

Kalimantan Quarterlies - when's the placing chaps?

911 days ago

Cupid Trading Statement - The Great Unravel begins: target price 10p

911 days ago

On the AIM Cesspit Kennedy Ventures & the Great Bison Energy joke - when's the cash call?

913 days ago

AIM Cesspit critical ward - Scotgold update

913 days ago

Quindell - Those Report and accounts what to look for

918 days ago

Arian Silver Very Odd Share Price Movements ahead of Dismal Results and Dire Statement

918 days ago

On the AIM Cesspit The looming collapse of Great Western Mining- It is all my fault apparently

919 days ago

In the AIM Cesspit - The African Eagle Saga

921 days ago

Sefton: Those misleading results -2

921 days ago

Sefton Resources 2012 Results: Where to start? A Disgrace

921 days ago

Sefton: The smoking gun is located: Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha

923 days ago

Sirius Minerals - New Threat to Planning Permission

923 days ago

AIM Cesspit - Public Spanked Bottom for Arian Silver

923 days ago

Centamin Excellent Results but....

926 days ago

Arian Silver Setting the Record straight - still a sell

926 days ago

In the AIM Cesspit: Motive TV and its constant issue of equity

926 days ago

Quindell more on that loan and other questions about misleading investors

928 days ago

Quindell Portfolio Reaction to Statement from Evil & Myself

928 days ago

CPP: Free money as a short

930 days ago

Great Western Mining, the USOP fallout continues, drill results don't wash

931 days ago

Exclusive: Sirius Minerals - the numbers may not stack up: what the company has NOT told you

932 days ago

Centamin Egypt: In De Nile without a paddle

932 days ago

Evil Knievil: Quindell Portfolio is just not investment grade material

933 days ago

Arian Silver Death Spiral Drawdown underway- attempted placing must have failed

934 days ago

US Oil & Gas Statement - An Irish Joke

934 days ago

In the AIM Cesspit: Verdes Management – The Alfa Romeo questions

935 days ago

In the AIM Cesspit: Verdes Management - The Le Man Jolly

935 days ago

US Oil & Gas Reports Production and I am an Olympic Sprinter

935 days ago

Lucian Miers says he feels like entering a Witness Protection Scheme: Gulf Keystone

936 days ago

AIM Cesspit: Verdes Management – Shareholders misled by directors (again)

936 days ago

Gulf Keystone: Your statement makes me even more worried

939 days ago

Ruspetro – owned by its banks with director’s dealings a negative

939 days ago

AIM Cesspit - is Scotgold toast?

941 days ago

Cesspit AIM: Astar Minerals - what is the REAL share price

942 days ago

Vialogy "News" yadda yadda Yadda

943 days ago

Astar Minerals - another total joke on AIM generating fees for advisors but nothing of value

943 days ago

Baobab - when is the placing suckers?

947 days ago

Shocker: The Dirty Tricks Campaign of Sefton Resources exposed

947 days ago

Galantas Gold is Toast Investment Grade

948 days ago

Gulf Keystone & the Smell Test: Fail

949 days ago

Arian Silver Statement – What a load of cobblers

950 days ago

Bullabulling Share Offer Flops – Good: this company is a joke & is toast by August

954 days ago

Breaking News - Arian Silver London Placing has failed: source. Sell

955 days ago

Centamin – And now there are two reasons to sell at 39p: target price 25p

955 days ago

Quindell Portfolio - Contract win or not?

957 days ago

Vialogy – Promoting again: where’s the beef?

960 days ago

Sefton Statement is Laughable – the missing facts

970 days ago

CPP – Two weeks to near total wipeout: Death postponed

973 days ago

Does Gulfsands Petroleum plan a cash call?

974 days ago

Centamin Calendar 2012 results good but broker downgrades anyway

975 days ago

Joke Company Vialogy – A few thoughts: shares to lose 90 Per Cent by August

977 days ago

Zoltav Resources RTO – Financial Manipulation & Joke valuation

977 days ago

CPP – 4 working days to go to 0p?

978 days ago

Cupid – This Gets Very interesting: Scotland vs Ukraine

978 days ago

The old “We are vulnerable to a bid” line – ref Cupid

979 days ago

Cupid…the telephone number question

979 days ago

Cupid I was wrong: sell/go short

981 days ago

Aureus Mining – Not Out but Certainly down

982 days ago

Centamin – Will it still own its mine in six months? – Good news or bad?

982 days ago

Sefton Resources – Time for another director disclosure?

982 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on JD Wetherspoon

985 days ago

Sirius Minerals – Planning Issues

986 days ago

Imagination Technologies IMS – Great company but the wrong price

986 days ago

Centamin output guidance published - sell

988 days ago

Barratt Interim Results Comment – Still a sell

992 days ago

Sefton Resources Trading Update and a NEW accusation from me of Sefton deliberately misleading investors

998 days ago

US Oil & Gas – There’s nowt as deluded as a believer

1002 days ago

Michael Page International: Bull vs Bear ahead of Results

1003 days ago

Ruspetro – The Beast from the East serves up another shocker

1004 days ago

Pursuit Dynamics – Adele is now singing

1004 days ago

Redrow - good results but shares are too high: sell

1005 days ago

Barratt Developments – a monumental bet on house prices defying historic norms – sell

1009 days ago

Baobab: Two Releases on Tete and the shares slide – So when’s the placing? Sell.

1010 days ago

Sirius Minerals Cash Position – Just do the maths – Share Placing ahead DESPITE RNS denials

1013 days ago

New free e-book out this morning: My ten top stocks to short

1013 days ago

Gulfsands Petroleum – Even Commissioned researcher Edison sees limited upside: Sell

1016 days ago

Sirius Minerals: Delays and Departures: sell ahead of cash call

1018 days ago

Vialogy – will Chevron really be the pay daddy?

1018 days ago

Vialogy – Placing at 1.25p – why cannot these shysters just tell the frigging truth?

1022 days ago

Avanti – A screaming short, er...that is Avanti Mining

1023 days ago

GMA Resources – Reversal and Share Price Over-reaction: Lucian Miers right to be short

1023 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Ocado

1024 days ago

Ruspetro – Farce Turns to Tragedy as refinancing “postponed”

1025 days ago

Imagination Technologies: Good company but price overblown: sell

1026 days ago

Zoltav Resources - The End is nigh ( and watch out Paternoster, Aurum & Evergreen)

1026 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell keep selling Antofagasta

1026 days ago

Baobab Resources – Good News in the Price, follow Lucian Miers and sell

1027 days ago

Sirius Minerals Planning Application positive but still one to top slice

1031 days ago

Range Resources – Flagging a Tweet from David Lenigas

1032 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Borders & Southern – Operations Update – Positive on the surface, but drill down to a sell

1032 days ago

Falklands Oil & Gas – sell into latest hype

1034 days ago

Ruspetro: Refinancing helps but debt and delivery (or lack of it) the issue

1034 days ago

Geong – Another Crap Chinese Company on AIM provides pure comedy

1037 days ago

Guest Post: Aubrey Brocklebank: Dignity: Another Nail in the Coffin

1037 days ago

Zoltav Resources – I am accused by a total moron of being an imbecile or misleading

1037 days ago

Afren: Not Fundamentally cheap

1037 days ago

Guest post Greggs: a sausage role and food for thought, says Robert Sutherland Smith

1039 days ago

Sefton Resources: The Liars Send Lawyers Letters

1044 days ago

JD Wetherspoon Trading Statement – Not My Cup of Tea

1045 days ago

Mothercare: No Raison d’etre – sell

1047 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Antofagasta: Two reasons to sell now at 1323p

1052 days ago

Greggs: Poor Trading Update – Reiterate Sell at 444p

1052 days ago

Centamin Publishes Record Q4 Results but that still leaves it as a sell

1053 days ago

Disagreeing with the Boss – Ruspetro would not be a buy at 60p

1053 days ago

Guest Post: Aubrey Brocklebank: Dignity It's your funeral

1053 days ago

Dignity – Death is not a one way bet

1054 days ago

Vialogy – Cynicism Bordering on Exploitation (of shareholders): Sell

1055 days ago

Centamin – Deafening Silence on whether it is selling gold or not

1056 days ago

Ruspetro: A shocking profits warning – what is fair value?

1056 days ago

Centamin: Is it exporting gold or not?

1059 days ago

When will Great Western Mining run out of cash?

1066 days ago

Greggs – A bad 2012, 2013 will be worse: change of stance

1066 days ago

Harmonic Energy: Large-Scale And Misleading U.K. Stock Promotion Offers Opportunity To Sell - Company Technically Insolvent

1068 days ago

Zak Mir and I agree on Falklands Oil & Gas - Sell

1073 days ago

Fox Davies Buy Range Resources at 3.655p with a 25p Target Price. I disagree natch.

1073 days ago

The Unusual Timing of Company Announcements

1074 days ago

Vialogy – Bizarre Statement: Pre placing Ramp Alert & Christmas Vialogy Carols

1074 days ago

The Strange Case of Zoltav Resources

1075 days ago

hibu – How Explicit does the company have to be? The stock is worthless

1076 days ago

Link up with a FTSE 100 stock? The Pursuit Dynamics, Vialogy, Proteus 3 card gambit – Adele is singing soon

1076 days ago

Centamin – Good News but Not all Good: TW vs the Barmy Sukari army Round 3

1076 days ago

Sefton – October Official California output numbers revision ( down natch) & Zak Mir comment

1076 days ago

Range Resources – I have some sympathy

1076 days ago

Centamin Bulletin Board Morons and Cowards – Part 2

1079 days ago

Centamin Shares Collapse - Time for Bulletin Board Morons to apologise to me. Still a sell

1080 days ago

Sefton – Chairman Buying shares but is this real cash? Company will not say.

1086 days ago

Sefton Death Spiral Begins – Death Postponed but not for long.

1086 days ago

Sefton November Output – The Usual Spin: Company still heading for the rocks

1087 days ago

Sell Wessex Exploration – Buy Northern Petroleum

1088 days ago

Northern Petroleum – Probably Duff Well, Company chat and market over-reaction – Wessex it is different

1089 days ago

Pursuit Dynamics – Close Short for now & Bank Gains

1089 days ago

Ceres Power & Duff Calls – Still a sell

1089 days ago

CPP – Now 12-13.75p if you have not closed do so now

1090 days ago

Liar, liar pants on fire – it is another press release from Sefton Resources

1093 days ago

Great Western Mining & US Oil & Gas – An Observation or Two

1094 days ago

US Oil & Gas goes to Court To track down Bulletin Board critics

1094 days ago

CPP Group – Bid Off: My short call a 1 week Triumph which pays for Christmas

1094 days ago

Joke Company US OIL & Gas – Another ramp underway

1095 days ago

A Magnificent Six Oil shorts for today

1096 days ago

Falklands Oil & Gas & Borders & Southern, Vindicated by another duff well I say Sell again

1096 days ago

Centamin – Market Update Does Not sound Good say two brokers and me

1097 days ago

Martin Wickham – Mad Hatter & Vialogy shareholder

1100 days ago

Terry Bond Chairman of AIM listed Vialogy is a liar – sell down to 0.1p

1101 days ago

Centamin: Broker Fox Davies Warns shares worth 44p if fuel subsidy discussions fail

1101 days ago

Vialogy Joke Company – Pre Placing Ramp Underway – Sell

1102 days ago

CPP Group: Straight Sell at 26.75p – Bid Won’t happen, Lucian Miers on the case

1102 days ago

US Oil & Gas: Irish Danish Crapshoot in Nevada

1106 days ago

Centamin – Quarterlies Good Enough But...

1107 days ago

Aureus Mining Q3 Results: Still a sell?

1108 days ago

Sefton Misleads Us All Again – Kansas Oil News Deconstructed

1108 days ago

Deluded Bulletin Board Moron of the Year – This could be a winner from the ADVFN Sefton board

1110 days ago

Petrel Resources – Valuation Not Justifiable

1110 days ago

Hibu Interims: Still a sell at 0.25p target price still 0p

1110 days ago

Firestone Diamonds – Harsh but Fair Broker Note says it all

1110 days ago

Downfall Video - the Sefton Resources edition

1111 days ago

Ceres Power – Do Not Get too Excited by RNS Today – Still almost certaintly worthless

1117 days ago

Evil Knievil’s Biggest Short is ASOS: is he Right?

1117 days ago

Centamin – Another day and a Better RNS – Still Far More attractive Bets in Gold

1118 days ago

Sefton Resources Does a Tony Blair as it pumps stock ahead of Death Spiral share issue

1121 days ago

Aureus Mining Flushed Out - $80 million fund raise underway

1121 days ago

Centamin Resumes Trading – Sell

1122 days ago

Centamin: Another Day - Another pathetic RNS. Just not convincing at all

1122 days ago

Pursuit Dynamics – When will the Fat Lady Sing?

1123 days ago

Centaur Media – Time to bank a gain? Or More to come?

1123 days ago

Sefton – Why did your Nomad Resign? The short case now unanswerable

1123 days ago

Centamin: The company issues pathetic response to asset theft – not convincing: sell if you can

1124 days ago

Centamin: You were warned - game over?

1124 days ago

LDK Solar's Price Spike Offers Chance To Add To Short Position

1127 days ago

How close is Sefton Resources to running out of cash?

1128 days ago

The Phony Phony Pharaoh and Sefton Resources

1128 days ago

Firestone Diamonds - sell

1129 days ago

Who is Playing the Press? Sefton and the Daily Mail

1129 days ago

HIbu (formerly Yell): Sell with a target price of 0p

1129 days ago

Sefton – Al Fayed Excitement – Still worthless

1130 days ago

Zoltav Resources – The Joke valuation starts to crumble: a classic short -

1131 days ago

Sefton Resources; ‘fess up you mislead on September output - sell down to 0.1p

1132 days ago

Sefton Resources: Bullying not the answer, answers are the answer

1134 days ago

Wessex Exploration vs Northern Petroleum – madness

1136 days ago

Sefton Resources - I am now going for an outright kill - individual well data analysed

1139 days ago

Range Resources – what on earth is the CEO saying?

1142 days ago

Range, Sefton, Qihang etc – Revenue and FREE cashflow

1143 days ago

Sefton Resources IR Shindig – Jim Ellerton skewered, buggered and humiliated

1144 days ago

Gotcha! Sefton Resources – The Grim Truth starts to emerge

1146 days ago

Ceres Power – Target Price 0p.

1148 days ago

Facebook Earnings Visibility Weakens Again But Stock Still On An Unjustifiable Premium Rating: Sell

1148 days ago

Sefton Resources: Half Price Pizza ahead of IR Event 9th October

1149 days ago

East West Resources ( Ambrian as was): sell

1151 days ago

The Weekly Video - Edition 8

1155 days ago

Facebook still a sell down to $5 - EPS forecasts will be cut, earnings visibility getting worse

1156 days ago

Zoltav Resources – Joke valuation, joke company – stonking short

1156 days ago

Qihang Equipment – another China sell

1157 days ago

Sefton Resources You couldn’t make it up… well they could - Utter Bullshit

1159 days ago

JJB Sports - Officially bust – 100% win for me in 19 days

1160 days ago

How much has chairman Jim Ellerton made from Sefton Resources?

1161 days ago

I invite Sefton Resources to sue me: Please explain why you have not told lies

1163 days ago

Geong - Numbers Just Look Wrong

1164 days ago

Manchester United: Poor Full Year Numbers -Sell Down To $7

1164 days ago

LDK Solar: Dismal Q2 numbers - Shareholders Equity gone by Christmas?

1165 days ago

Sefton Resources – Someone is misleading about output (August data now out): Sell

1166 days ago

JJB Sports going to 0p – how much clearer can this be?

1166 days ago

Sell Falklands Oil & Gas after Loligo news - and Borders too!

1167 days ago

Focus Media - New Bronte Allegations - Stonking short

1171 days ago

Sefton Resources – My Confusion Grows Big Time: Keep selling

1171 days ago

Sefton Resources – yet more piss poor numbers and jam tomorrow

1172 days ago

JA Solar Responds To EU Threat, But It Cannot Win

1173 days ago

Why Global Warming is a total Myth and other matters

1177 days ago

Range Resources Textual Analysis Part 2 - Keep selling

1178 days ago

JJB Sports - do not waste your cash, c0p ahead

1178 days ago

Range Resources still a sell - odd use of language plus Sefton comment

1178 days ago

Facebook: The Zuckerburg Red Herring

1179 days ago

Sell Trina Solar at $4.51 - Target Price cents ( another China play)

1180 days ago

I do not believe Wessex bid rumours - sell and switch into Northern Petroleum

1180 days ago

Sell Anthony Bolton’s China Special Situations Fund- the need to have China & India exposure myth

1181 days ago

1 or 2 Fundraising windows for Junior Resource stocks before Oblivion and another 1 million overtaken on twitter!

1182 days ago

Facebook Analyst Downgrades: Do We Care? Are Any Analysts Now Credible?

1182 days ago

Two Chinese Solar stocks listed in the US to short - target price sod all

1184 days ago

Short Focus Media Holding For Maximum Loss Of $2.49, Potential Gain $14.51

1185 days ago

Range Resources Correction: Fair Price not 2.4p but 1.18p: Lucian Miers now shorting + Zoltav thoughts (sell)

1187 days ago

Borders & Southern: Bad Speculation Certainly not an Investment

1188 days ago

Range Resources, Red Emperor and Horn Petroleum – sell the lot: Puntland a duster

1188 days ago

Range Resources Part 2 – Further Thoughts, conclusion sell!

1190 days ago

Facebook is worth $5 a share - Key Director is also a Bear

1191 days ago

Facebook – Share crash to continue – Target Price cut from $7.30 to $5 and Zuckerburg will have to go

1193 days ago

Manchester United – Biggest Brand in Sport? Why DealCloud? – Target price $7: Sell

1202 days ago

Facebook makes someone happy as the fake user scandal grows

1213 days ago

Facebook – Is Its Advertising a Fraud? Zuckerburg on the Ropes – Massive short sell Opportunity

1214 days ago

Facebook – The Stock Price will collapse before Thanksgiving – Target still $7.30

1214 days ago

Starbucks – Shares at 5 month low but still a sell down to $35

1217 days ago

Facebook Target Stock Price still $7.30 but risks now on downside

1219 days ago

Banning Shorting Achieves Nothing

1231 days ago

Mining Executive Links up with Playboy PR Girl – Part 2

1231 days ago

Barclays: Is the yield and asset backing real?

1238 days ago

Barclays Target Price Dunno but the share is a sell

1239 days ago

Bankster Bob Diamond Caption Competition

1239 days ago

Bankster Bob Diamond Goes as well – Barclays Hell Still Not Over.

1243 days ago

Times and Sun Price Rises – Not good news for anyone

1248 days ago

Barclays Bankster Theft – scumbag Bob Diamond should go now

1248 days ago

Vitesse Media (VIS) – Another binary bet and an AIM morality tale

1251 days ago

Max Petroleum (basket case) – Not remotely tempted, even at 3.99p

1252 days ago

The dangers of shorting – look at the FTSE 250 today

1257 days ago

Adventis up 81 per cent today: which loon is buying shares?

1257 days ago

Buying shares in small stockbrokers as M&A play – you must be mad

1262 days ago

On the Cheap Lager with Lucian Miers

1264 days ago

Facebook – Fair Value $7.30?

1271 days ago

Valuation anomalies ad absurdum

1272 days ago

Zoltav Resources – Overvalued hype?

1272 days ago

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