Friday July 25, 2014

So who thinks that the Jews are cockroaches? Who are you backing? Israel or Hamas?
Report from the Greek Hovel Number 12 – Coping with Fear
Rats, Bats & Sheep – Report 11 from the Greek Hovel


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The Mrs & Health fascism: why don’t you smoke your e-cigarette outside?

76 days ago

Onto the e-cigarettes

77 days ago

A final bitter taste of Greece - a "sharp" waiter at the Athens Sofitel

82 days ago

Wishing all Blog Readers a Happy & Prosperous 2014 and Good Luck with New Year Resolutions

206 days ago

36 Hours without a cigarette

250 days ago

Liam Fox reminds me: V for Vendetta – Time for an annual viewing

291 days ago

Do you have an ashtray? Er…

357 days ago

North Terminal Gatwick Airport – Cripes this is grim

388 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard Number 36

410 days ago

Guest Post Robert Sutherland Smith on BAT Industries- a last gasp or a final draw

438 days ago

It is National No Smoking day in Airstrip One – Light up in Solidarity

499 days ago

It is Illegal to smoke in this building – No it Frigging well is not!

509 days ago

Pointless Health Fascism at Paddington

517 days ago

Pot smoking on First Great Western Trains

524 days ago

Creating an Agricultural bubble the EU way & pissing away millions

537 days ago

UKIP Triumph – A tipping Point? And the Establishment spin and dirty tricks

602 days ago

Downfall Parody – The Health Nazis Battle against wicked and evil smokers

621 days ago

Friends of Albania – no escape from the Health Nazis

634 days ago

Plastic Bag and Fizzy Drink Taxes - Lib Dems, Cons and Lab screw the poor

669 days ago

The 5000 Lek Note is a Pain and Smoking Crime

722 days ago

Last message from Greece – Albania beckons, farewell Spiros and White Fang

724 days ago

A sharp increase in the cost of smoking & Dodgy websites

738 days ago

The Travelling Begins...

744 days ago

Visiting a Greek Post Office – The Dilemma

748 days ago

Tori the Orang-Utan kicking the smoking habit: media misses an open goal

749 days ago

The smoking ban – why it should be repealed

757 days ago

Cash as Money in 2012

762 days ago

New Contract with ADVFN – I am NOT’s Paul Ince

763 days ago

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