Friday May 06, 2016
Search "actor sex toy" on google: Another #celebrityinjunction farce: both the famed actor & the law take it up the arse
Hooray! The Mrs votes Tory for the first time ever...a small step
Tom Winnifrith Postcard - this is exactly why Donald Trump may well be President


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The only candidates slagging off the Tories are the Tory candidates, my lefty wife is thinking the unthinkable

16 days ago

Send the £10 million EU propaganda back to Cameron costing him 70p a time

24 days ago

Project Fear on BBCQT - the claims are so insane how can anyone take the inners seriously

27 days ago

Labour & SNP voters are fat slobs - its official

30 days ago

66% of Britons are officially thick - new poll re Steel Workers in Port Talbot

34 days ago

Shall I go & Bash the Tory Candidate to be Mayor of Bristol? He is a useless faux Conservative

73 days ago

This Blog backs #Corbyn4Leader

293 days ago

My local Tory looked like a gangster but got my vote anyway

364 days ago

Weekly postcard #110 - thoughts on the death penalty and a plea to UKIP supporters - vote Tory

368 days ago

Poor Theo Clarke (Con) just knocked on my door.

374 days ago

Why is my local Tory candidate Theo Clarke ashamed of being a Conservative?

453 days ago

Your Vote matters says Bristol City Council – Really? Prove it – I register anyway

461 days ago

Will 2015 be the year when the paedophile MPs and politicians are finally exposed?

480 days ago

Cracking Spoof Call Me Dave Cameron Conference Speech Musical Video

582 days ago

No Labour Dirty Tricks from the Mrs – we manage to vote

714 days ago

I’m Voting Tory on May 22nd in the Euro Elections because…

714 days ago

Charlotte Argyle: Immigration: Come and take a look but not on my buck!

731 days ago

Weekly prize caption Contest – Tory MP Mark Menzies in rentboy and drugs scandal

767 days ago

Maria Miller MP – Another Political class expenses Pig, spinning madly and playing the system at our expense

809 days ago

My fave Tory Blogger writes: The Living Wage...the SME Job Destroyer- do the tax maths

843 days ago

Brooks Newmark MP – try to be logical please

904 days ago

Mr P the Tory MP who wanted a threesome with his lesbian housekeeper – it gets better

1066 days ago

Woburn Energy shareholders lose big time & may lose all while sleazy Tory MP Tony Baldry trousers £300,000

1066 days ago

Tory MP wanted threesome with his lesbian housekeeper - tribunal told

1067 days ago

Irony from Westminster on child care and the paedophile scandal

1275 days ago

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