Monday August 03, 2015
Weekly Postcard #121 - The Women's FA Cup Final and what it says about the loathsome BBC
Chatting up a 93 year old in Clerkenwell
Tube Drivers = Greedy Bastards who hurt poor people: when the revolution comes


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Rightster, becoming more of a Wrongster every day – cash call ahoy? Tell us about the hidden tax bill

6 hours ago

Misleading Analyst Research of the day – Edison on Brady

14 days ago

blinkx trading statement is dire and worse is to come on April 18

116 days ago

Plastics Capital Trading Statement – I’m a bit flummoxed

170 days ago

Creston – bank gains after weak trading statement

176 days ago

Restore good trading statement but...

189 days ago

Fox Marble Trading statement: penny share buy

196 days ago

Avesco Upbeat Trading Statement

226 days ago

Quindell Trading Statement – Folks are starting to see what Bullshit it all is

285 days ago

Quindell and ANOTHER (misleading) Trading Statement as the shit hits the fan

358 days ago

Globo Trading Statement – hang on fellows

371 days ago

Quindell – Just a few other things to mention – target still 20p: SELL

383 days ago

Quindell the Trading Statement - SMTM

384 days ago

Avanti Communications – The “Trading Update” and Expectations – Sell

387 days ago

Iofina Dog’s Dinner of a Trading Statement and more to come

454 days ago

Ukrproduct – Read between the Lines of Trading Statement: Anyone not selling is insane

511 days ago

Globo Trading Statement Tuesday – what it says does not matter & the Devastating Ennismore Bear note

552 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – another question for Nomad FinnCap & Disgraced CEO Sean Nutley

555 days ago

Sefton Trading Statement – it is what is NOT said as well as the cobblers spouted

720 days ago

Kenmare Resources Trading Statement – less dire than usual, but…

732 days ago

Domino's Pizza - Cracking Trading Statement

850 days ago

Blinkx Cracking Trading Statement - is it time to bank gains?

902 days ago

Cupid – Share Price Comment: Riposte to Aubrey Brocklebank

903 days ago

Plastics Capital Trading Statement: Buy

915 days ago

ASOS Trading Statement: Evil Knievil and the Bears will carry on getting burned

927 days ago

WANdisco Trading Statement: Good News continues but 2014 PE now 120

927 days ago

JD Wetherspoon Trading Statement – Not My Cup of Tea

928 days ago

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