Sunday April 26, 2015
Come on You Yellows – Watching Oxford United at the Kassam
The Mrs. away, working without trousers again and the cats in disgrace
Kiddy Fiddler Greville Janner – another establishment cover up


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Video of John McGloin of Amara Mining presenting at UK Investor Show

31 minutes ago

Video of Presentation by PCG Entertainment at UK Investor Show 2015

39 minutes ago

Video of UK Investor Presentation by soon to IPO Bitcoin play Coinsillium

1 hour ago

Video of UK Investor Show Presentation by Rare Earth Minerals

1 hour ago

UK Investor Show Video: Picking stocks with Ed Croft, Chris Bailey & Thierry Laduguie

1 hour ago

Video from UK Investor: Tom Winnifrith Head to head with Peter Hambro

10 hours ago

Video of Colin Bird of Jubilee Platinum presenting at UK Investor Show

10 hours ago

Video Presentation by Jason Drummond of Teathers Financial at UK Investor Show

10 hours ago

Video: The Three Bears at Uk Investor - Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers and Matt Earl

10 hours ago

Video of the Mining Session at UK Investor starring Amanda Van Dyke, Poulden, McGloin & Bell

2 days ago

Video: Nigel Wray, Paul Scott, Paul Jourdan, Clem and TW - value investing at UK Investor Show

2 days ago

Video of the Oil experts Session at UK Investor Show - Horse Hill and much more

2 days ago

Video of Luke Johnson giving a star main stage speech at UK Investor

3 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith jokes & Sajid Javid MP speech from Uk Investor show

3 days ago

Video of Net Dimensions Presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015

3 days ago

Video of Louis Coetzee of Kibo Mining presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015

3 days ago

The Truth behind the Sefton case & its dirty tricks - Tom Winnifrith video from UK Investor 2015

4 days ago

Video: Geoff Miller of GLI Finance presents at UK Investor Show

4 days ago

Video: Clem Chambers, CEO of ADFVN PLC presents at UK Investor Show 2015

4 days ago

This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election - UK Investor debate video

4 days ago

Explosive Ben Edelman UK Investor show video - he nails blinkx Again!

5 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Farewell Peter Landau edition

6 days ago

Two share tips from Tom Winnifrith today – at c3.30 PM

6 days ago

The fourth & final short tip from the World's No 1 tech analyst Kevin Ashton - sell FusionEx

6 days ago

Phorm - The 3rd shorting idea from the Great Kevin Ashton at the UK Investor Show

6 days ago

Explosive Uk Investor Seminar - Horse Hill or Horse Shit

6 days ago

The 2nd Shorting Idea of the Great Kevin Ashton from UK Investor show – sell Monitise at 13.75p

7 days ago

Blinkx – are you braced for some more fun? Ben Edelman was on cracking form, ho ho ho

7 days ago

Thanks for attending UK Investor Show – 2016 Half Price tickets now on offer & Photos from 2015

7 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Highlights of UK Investor Show

7 days ago

Telecom Plus – the No 1 bear pick of the great Kevin Ashton, a sell at 803p

7 days ago

Tom Winnifrith UK Investor Show BearCast - Let's be angry

8 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Working with no trousers edition

9 days ago

Come & Meet New Sefton Resources at Free Speech & Liberty Friday night

9 days ago

If you own shares you should vote Labour: The Poulden vs Winnifrith debate on Saturday

10 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 April - can I shout at Darren for you?

12 days ago

Ask Luke Johnson about Entrepreneurship at #UKInvestorShow on April 18

14 days ago

Ask Tom Winnifrith any question and win a special prize in one week's time

14 days ago

The Bears Move on: Quindell short becomes a Slater & Gordon short

17 days ago

UK Investor Show – come chat to us at the Bloggers Café: tickets start landing today

17 days ago

blinkx trading statement is dire and worse is to come on April 18

17 days ago

UK Investor Show: New Speaker – Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk head to head with TW

23 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Quindell bribes, Mosman & Kenmare bashing

23 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - April 1

25 days ago

Breaking: Aiden Earley of Worthington to speak at UK Investor on Faith & Money

25 days ago

Fewer than 100 seats left (of 2000) for UK Investor on April 18 – book now!

29 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 March

30 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 21 March

36 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the Disgrace and Omnishambles that is Gulfsands Petroleum

37 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18th March

38 days ago

Nominate your NINE stockmarket villains or buffoons of the past 12 months – its for UK Investor Show

39 days ago

April 18, Westminster, The Investor show of the year 80% sold out – book your seats today!

49 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 25 February

59 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - A very special double Greek Hovel Prize Edition

61 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - No Valentine's day Love for the bad folks

71 days ago

The PLC Roll of Shame – Qui n’est ce pas Charlie

80 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 30 january

86 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 28 January

88 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 27 January

89 days ago

BREAKING: New UK Investor speaker announced: Kevin Ashton of Quindell fame

90 days ago

It is that birthday week for Darren & I again and New Year Thoughts

106 days ago

49 Red Flags – how to avoid investing in shares that will plunge by Tom Winnifrith - pre-order for Wednesday delivery now!

112 days ago

Tom Winnifrith, talking Death Threats, Red Flags, Forensic Accounting, Quindell & More at UK Investor on April 18

146 days ago

Its Time to book in for UK Investor Show on 18th April 2015 – 25% discount offer

186 days ago

Why the ethical investing of Malcolm Stacey is so much tummy rot - I cite Wilberforce

187 days ago

Video Postcard #80, snakes, frigana and falling in love with Kambos issue

224 days ago

Jim Slater’s Two AIM share tips

251 days ago

Regency Mines boss Andrew Bell on video - make your own mind up

257 days ago

TXO - Tim Baldwin explains and puts the case on video

260 days ago

Lombard Risk Management - I think the shares are cheap: watch the video and decide for yourself

265 days ago

AfriaAg - a cute Africa play or just another David Lenigas promote: watch the video and you decide

266 days ago

Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources - is he delivering: watch the video and decide

266 days ago

WINNER! Ariana – Already up on our 0.85p tip at 1.13p after one month – watch this and understand the real upside

266 days ago

Fastnet Oil & Gas - a bumpy ride but is the story still good? Watch the video and decide for yourself

270 days ago

Sound Oil: All Bulletin Board froth or a very cheap share: video presentation judge for yourself

271 days ago

Victoria Oil & Gas Kevin Foo video - understanding why bear raider Evil Knievil is buying greedily

272 days ago

David Lenigas Company Rare Earth Minerals - raging buy or stonking sell - watch THIS video and you decide

272 days ago

Westminster Group Video - cheap as chips or another AIM loser - for you decide

274 days ago

David Lenigas in video action explaining why UK Oil & Gas shares are so exciting

275 days ago

My second pair of trousers set for retirement at The Greek Hovel – weight loss update

275 days ago

Valuing Mining stocks Explained by An Expert - Amanda van Dyke: Yes Ref REM

283 days ago

Angus Forrest of Tern hits back at “unwarranted abuse” from Tom W & Nigel Somerville

294 days ago

The Sherrif of AIM and Deputy Sheriff respond to Angus Forrest of Tern and call for the noose

294 days ago

Nigel Wray, Chris Bailey, Paul Kavanagh and Ed Croft ( and me) – value investing 2014 on video

294 days ago

Watch Evil Knievil, Matt Earl and Lucian Miers on video at the UK Investor Show 2014 – how right they were

301 days ago

Ed Croft of Stockopedia to headline at UK Investor 2015 - watch his 2014 video

301 days ago

blinkx – I disagree with Gary as it is a sell & my top three stocks to short on AIM

301 days ago

Just 26 Days to Act… Mark Slater and UK Investor Show 2015

322 days ago

Just 27 Days to Act… Mark Slater and UK Investor Show 2015

327 days ago

Adam Reynolds, the Company Rescuer, Speaker No. 28 at UK Investor Show 2015

337 days ago

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Richard Poulden v Tom Winnifrith: Will UK House Prices Crash Debate

362 days ago

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Vin Murria of Advanced Computer Software

374 days ago

UK Investor Show 2015 – First 21 Speakers announced for April 18: Get your early bird ticket NOW

377 days ago

Video of My fave libertarian Tory blogger Charlotte Argyle at the UK Investor Show

383 days ago

After UK Investor Show 2014 Sell out Triumph – “early bird” 2015 tickets are now on sale

384 days ago

Would I rather be long or short of blinkx? Dunno!

384 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #61 – Maria Miller looks like a greedy pig and she is a greedy pig edition

385 days ago

Farewell to Bristol for a Month

390 days ago

6 Days and Fewer than 50 tickets left to the Investor Show of the year – Book NOW ( and Dine with us on Friday)

392 days ago

Endeavour is back – the highlight of the weekend beckons

392 days ago

Yippee – My Passport is Here: Greece beckons

396 days ago

Tickets to UK Investor Show on April 5 Start going in the Post Today – still 10% of seats left!

402 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #58 – Great Uncles, Great Rugby, Bob Crow and the deceit of the left edition

406 days ago

BONUS Session announced for UK Investor show: “UK House Prices will Crash by 2020”

411 days ago

#UKInvestorShow on April 5 full 44 person speaker line-up revealed – win a ticket with a tweet

415 days ago

UKINvestor Show on April 5 – Just 5 Golden Tickets Left

419 days ago

Join Myself, Dan Levi, Malcolm Stacey and the share tipsters at our bloggers café on April 5

422 days ago

Ben Edelman – The man called the Web Sheriff by Bloomberg to headline at UK Investor Show on April 5 – Get your ticket now

426 days ago

Just 15 Golden Tickets left for the UK Investor Show – big announcement within 72 hours

429 days ago

Amazing 37 Speaker Line Up at UK Investor Show on April 5 – Book Tickets now

436 days ago

Only 120 Free Tickets worth £12 for UKInvestor Show left

499 days ago

Dominic Picarda joins speaker line up Falanx, Amara, ETX and Viscount Minerals book stands - just 15 Golden Tickets left

547 days ago

5 days left for early bird discount booking at UK's only serious investor show

577 days ago

UKInvestor Show – THE Show of the year – Tickets now on sale at 50% discount

599 days ago

Another one year anniversary marked today

668 days ago

Video: Christopher Booker: The Margaret Thatcher I knew: nearly always right in the end

728 days ago

Is AIM toast - 10 minute video debate TW vs Richard Poulden

728 days ago

Almost Back in Britain – announcement pending

730 days ago

Pour a beer and watch Evil Knievil, Nigel Farage and real master investors on your PC this weekend

730 days ago

UK Investor Show – I hope that you had fun: a few thoughts

742 days ago

Modelling the Real Man T-shirt and sweatshirt range – available on Saturday

747 days ago

Is AIM regulation a total joke and can investors believe in this Casino any more?

747 days ago

Mark’s In: Mark Slater completes all star line-up at UKInvestor Show on April 13th

859 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard Number 18

869 days ago

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