Wednesday July 30, 2014

Run Number Two at the Greek Hovel
My second pair of trousers set for retirement at The Greek Hovel – weight loss update
Transport Issues at the Greek Hovel – Luckily I am Steve Frigging McQueen


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Video Postcard #65 – UKIP won’t disappear because the political classes still do not get it!

59 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #64 – UKIP and the Political Classes issue

66 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: The Political Classes are Listening to you NOT! edition

66 days ago

LibLabCon want to stop UKIP – Do it in 2 easy steps – just listen to us plebs!

67 days ago

No Labour Dirty Tricks from the Mrs – we manage to vote

68 days ago

The best of #ImvotingUKIPbecause – very funny twitter parody

68 days ago

What to do on May 22nd?

72 days ago

UKIP vs. the Political & Media Class: The fruitcakes vs. The Establishment

73 days ago

AstraZeneca – why Ed Miliband has got it 100% wrong and is being nasty to boot

86 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #62 from Delphi Greece: Cyril Smith was just one of the leading paedo-politiians will the establishment come clean on the rest edition

108 days ago

Maria Miller axed but for how long? The political class just do not get it

111 days ago

David Cameron, Maria Miller and Tory sleaze – Christmas comes early for UKIP

112 days ago

The amateurish scaremongering of UKIP: Fruitcake of the Day – Suzanne Evans

122 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #60: Three Reasons to Vote UKIP (albeit holding nose) on May 22nd Edition

122 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #56: Ukraine, blowback, UKIP and the Euros

149 days ago

Doing what the EU tells me

152 days ago

The Guardian Newspaper Bang on the Money – the British Chambers of Commerce 100% wrong

157 days ago

Oxfam and the Floods – Let the Bankers pay

159 days ago

Maria Miller MP – Another Political class expenses Pig, spinning madly and playing the system at our expense

163 days ago

Caption Contest – Chris Smith at the Environment Agency Edition

164 days ago

Praise where Praise is due – is Nigel Farage coming out of the Libertarian closet on drugs?

168 days ago

Farage vs. Pickles on the Somerset Floods – Populist Dumb vs. Unpopulist Dumber

170 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest – havn’t the poor bastards in Somerset suffered enough edition?

170 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest – Ed Balls Edition

184 days ago

Labour Party Councillor has sex with an alien 4 times a year

191 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest - Noah gives his thanks to UKIP Edition

191 days ago

UKIP Complete Nutter of the week - homosexual loathing David Silvester

192 days ago

Playing Mad Lefty Bingo as the Mrs Launches her Book

193 days ago

Are 99% of the population of Lewisham: Mad Lefties, morbidly obese, criminally stupid or all of the above? Ref BBC Question Time

200 days ago

If you are reading this in Romania or Bulgaria, please come to England as I have a job for you

207 days ago

Nigel Farage is not being “nice” on Syrian asylum seekers but even more nasty than usual

210 days ago

It had to happen eventually – Vince Cable is 100% right about something: immigration

217 days ago

Why I do not write articles on Bulletin Boards/LinkedIn groups

222 days ago

I appear to have been evicted from the Linkedin UKIP Group

233 days ago

Racist UKIP Nutter Victoria Ayling – what does Farage really think?

233 days ago

Misleading, Deceitful and Repellent: UKIP on Immigration

246 days ago

Tom’s Weekly Political Postcard #51 – Duplicitous Neil Hamilton, UKIP and labour edition

247 days ago

David Ward MP, the Jew Hating bastard the Lib Dems just won’t get rid off

254 days ago

Tom's video postcard #49 - the failings of UKIP issue

261 days ago

Greed is Good. In fact it is absolutely wonderful!

262 days ago

The UKIP Jew haters – It’s time Farage Got a grip

310 days ago

Reader I married her

330 days ago

The Disappearing Tory Party - is it all Call Me Dave’s fault? & UKIP dishonesty

352 days ago

Nigel Farage is a (failed) tax minimiser – so what?

404 days ago

Can a Teacher ever be sacked? Overpaid, Underworked & Useless ( and possibly a paedophile)

419 days ago

John Bercow is 100% right about European immigrant workers – the mainstream parties & UKIP faux outrage is pathetic

420 days ago

The Greed of the Political Class – MPs again troughing it

435 days ago

Why will folks keep voting UKIP? Pigs like Sir Stewart Jackson MP

445 days ago

David Cameron The Downfall ( c/o UKIP ) spoof video

450 days ago

Andrew Gilligan – The Westminster Bubble at Play on UKIP on LBC

450 days ago

Register now for the weekend Tomograph: UKIP Glory, AIM Cesspit edition

452 days ago

David Cameron: an out of touch, principle free liar – a Godsend to UKIP

452 days ago

UKIP Triumphs – Does it Mean Anything?

453 days ago

Making Money from My Father thanks to UKIP & the Shipston poll

453 days ago

Weaning my Deluded Lefty Partner away from Labour (The People’s Party)

454 days ago

Piss off Kenneth Clarke you old Euromaniac fool – UKIP bashing

457 days ago

Message to step sister Flea – Stand Your Ground vs Winnifrith family – do not vote for Abu Qatada’s pals

457 days ago

Pour a beer and watch Evil Knievil, Nigel Farage and real master investors on your PC this weekend

459 days ago

Nigel Farage of UKIP - classic speech from April 13 now live on video

460 days ago

Make a diary date for the UK's only serious investor show - April 5

461 days ago

UK Investor Show – I hope that you had fun: a few thoughts

471 days ago

Bully Boy Lefties and an Orwellian view of free speech - re UKIP and Immigration

487 days ago

Could UKIP win the South Shields by-election?

487 days ago

UKIP Gets First London Councillor – Tories Connecting with blue collar workers

495 days ago

Cyprus – State Sponsored Socialist Theft in the Eurozone – it could happen here

500 days ago

BBC Question Time – Balanced Audience of …Labour party workers

509 days ago

Eastleigh: The Message for Call Me Dave on a night of UKIP Glory, Lib Dem Relief and Tory Humiliation

516 days ago

How the Biased BBC will report the Eastleigh Result

517 days ago

UKIP Video filmed in Eastleigh

518 days ago

Think the unthinkable – UKIP might just win Eastleigh – worth a flutter at 11/2

521 days ago

Why UKIP is the ONLY sane and honest vote in Eastleigh

528 days ago

UKInvestorShow: All tickets Gone and Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

534 days ago

It's official Chris Huhne MP is a liar and a Criminal. This is UKIP’s big chance

541 days ago

EU to blow £2million monitoring people like me

541 days ago

The Romanian and Bulgarian EU immigrant issue – lies, lies and more lies

546 days ago

New Year Resolution - Book your seat on April 13 TODAY

569 days ago

Britain’s £27 million in Foreign Aid to the Frigging Argies, I just Despair

572 days ago

The Gaping Divide between the Political Elite and Plebs like us in 2013: The EU

573 days ago

Geoffrey Bloom MEP (UKIP) - Stunning Video

580 days ago

Christmas carols for Sefton Resources, the EU, Vialogy and the Modern World

583 days ago

Deficit Deniers in Bankrupt Britain – A 13 point plan for change

587 days ago

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP joins headline speakers at UKInvestorShow on April 13th

593 days ago

Doha Tweets and King Eco Loon and Parasite Peter Coville

599 days ago

New: It’s Time to Leave (the EU) T-Shirts and Mugs Now on Sale

606 days ago

UKIP Triumph – A tipping Point? And the Establishment spin and dirty tricks

606 days ago

Tories Rule out UKIP Pact – 10 Reasons why that is Good News for UKIP

611 days ago

I give you the email address for Rotherham Stasi child snatcher chief Joyce Thacker

613 days ago

Joyce Thacker: Rotherham’s Sour Faced Stasi Leader & the UKIP Foster parents scandal

613 days ago

Thoughtcrime in Rotherham Social Services 2012 (1984 is finally here) – the UKIP Foster parents

613 days ago

My Drunken Error, Disappearing Viagra and Corby goes to the Polls

621 days ago

Video Postcard Number 14

627 days ago

Is the Daily Mail lying when it says that the EU wants to ban Enid Blyton? Or is the EU Mad? Or Both?

629 days ago

Nadine Dorries MP Suspended from Tories – what a pathetic mess of snobbery and sleaze

630 days ago

I warm to Nigel Farage after pathetic attack in Telegraph

680 days ago

Farage on the Euro Farce – not enough lifeboats and the titanic has hit the iceberg

776 days ago

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Weekly video postcard - Ukraine, blowback, UKIP and the Euros