Tuesday December 01, 2015
The Anti-smoking Nazis of the USA
Last Dance - a wonderful video of Paris and a wonderful song - sadness but defiance
Weekly postcard #131: Thoughts on Paris bombings - our politicians tell us that bombing Syria makes us safer - THEY LIE


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My father and I struggle to switch on the TV

178 days ago

My father and I are sent to purgatory by St Peter – thoughts on the rugby

261 days ago

Tom Winnifrith snowcast from Greece

285 days ago

Paddy Leigh Fermor, The Mani and Kambos

432 days ago

Bitten by a Duck in Kardamili Greece as the Mrs laughed loudly

457 days ago

The Death of David Cochrane – more details, the snails and a question for my father

597 days ago

A Sad End to the David Cochrane quest – chatting to the priest in Delphi

598 days ago

Video & Photos: Finding the grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane in Delphi – Part 2

598 days ago

Finding the Grave of Great Uncle David Cochrane in Delphi: video 1: an amazing discovery

600 days ago

Yippee – My Passport is Here: Greece beckons

615 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #58 – Great Uncles, Great Rugby, Bob Crow and the deceit of the left edition

625 days ago

The Great Uncles in Greek Graves – far more questions than answers

629 days ago

Weekly video postcard #57 – Reflections on the “Greek” Graves of my Great Uncles Edition

632 days ago

Come on Wales, Reflections on Ireland – Paul you are too calculating show Celtic loyalty!

632 days ago

The punctual traveller at 4.47 AM – it’s in the genes.

637 days ago

My Tax Angel Revealed – It was my father impersonating me..Not so helpful Dad

646 days ago

Oxfam and the Floods – Let the Bankers pay

648 days ago

When did Ireland & West Ham both win on the same day last? Er…7 days ago

660 days ago

Ireland & West Ham both win on the same weekend – when did that last happen?

666 days ago

My father writes to the Guardian in Defence of Michael Gove & getting your facts right – the letter the rag did not publish

675 days ago

My 12 year old Daughter’s shock admission – something no father wants to hear

702 days ago

Final Tom W ‘tash photo and appeal for Movember sponsorship

730 days ago

String the Striking University Lecturers up with piano wire – greedy bastards

761 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – the Church of England on Finance Issue

772 days ago

Well done Olivia again – a proud father writes

790 days ago

Boycott Oxfam & The Independent – they are official global warning loons

799 days ago

My superstar daughter Olivia - warming the heart of her Eurosceptic Dad and Great Uncle

804 days ago

Christopher Booker on My Grandfather

835 days ago

Northants wins!

835 days ago

The National Trust – a Respected Institution losing the plot & credibility on global warming

843 days ago

Finding my Grandparents Grave

844 days ago

The tomatoes are for my father..., the melons for google and tomorrow morning it is goat milking

866 days ago

Happy Father’s Day – Yup

898 days ago

My busiest day ever on TomWinnifrith.com & the Downing Street Affair – asking Sir George

911 days ago

Making Money from My Father thanks to UKIP & the Shipston poll

943 days ago

Message to step sister Flea – Stand Your Ground vs Winnifrith family – do not vote for Abu Qatada’s pals

947 days ago

Lady Thatcher’s Funeral – I shall be there: Light blogging for 24 hours

959 days ago

Happy Birthday Tom Winnifrith

970 days ago

Who do you support in the Boat race and Why?

975 days ago

Facebook in Real Life - the video

981 days ago

25 Years On…Happy Anniversary to My father and Step Mother

982 days ago

Ireland Rugby Humiliation – what can I say?

990 days ago

Mother’s Day – Always a bit of a non day for me but do the last minute gestures matter?

996 days ago

The Great Education Denial & Useless Michael Gove

1021 days ago

Generate your own inane Guardian comments for free

1022 days ago

Global warming now falling thick and fast in Shipston – am I travel cursed?

1023 days ago

I have abandoned the White Bear - sporting Disaster x 2 and now it gets worse

1024 days ago

Ireland vs. England – God vs. Pub

1024 days ago

Olivia won’t be happy – Wales vs Ireland

1031 days ago

Delight in Sheep Street Shipston – should I flog my father’s house without telling him?

1037 days ago

Friday caption contest - Shipston on Stour Edition

1039 days ago

Breaking News: Deluded Middle Class Lefties and Tory Toffs screw the plebs and Tesco in Shipston

1040 days ago

Who is infamous Evil Knievil? And what is he doing now?

1043 days ago

The 8.04 from Temple Meade – more fun in the global warming

1044 days ago

My 2012 Pig of the Year award goes to…

1068 days ago

Merry Christmas to you all - what does it mean to you and me?

1072 days ago

Saturday Music Medley – The Right Brothers, Christmas shopping for deluded lefties

1081 days ago

My Family of deluded Lefties Shipston Update

1083 days ago

Oakley Update – Operation delayed but now completed - spending night at vets

1084 days ago

Victorian Christmas Street Fair Shipston

1087 days ago

West Ham vs Liverpool Match Preview

1087 days ago

Ha! Christian Aid: Gotcha – you called the wrong Mr T Winnifrith on the £2billion day

1091 days ago

It’s snowing! Big flakes of global warming in Warwickshire – Very Exciting!

1091 days ago

Why cannot my Deluded Lefty Dad say no!

1096 days ago

Cooking my Christmas Pudding – Damn the celebrity chefs it should not be that Hobson's choice

1099 days ago

Who Shot JR? Bing’s Daughter. But this time it really is RIP Larry Hagman

1102 days ago

Trapped in Warwickshire by Global Warming

1104 days ago

The Guardian Newspaper has its uses...well one anyway (honest!)

1105 days ago

When in Wales...

1115 days ago

West Ham Win, go 6th and I cannot look at league tables like this

1115 days ago

Happy Birthday Bram Stoker – father of Dracula

1117 days ago

Sir George Young, Baronet, Eton, Christ Church Oxford to reach out for the Tories to the working class

1125 days ago

Friends of Albania – no escape from the Health Nazis

1128 days ago

Downton, Dallas, Ginger & Rosa

1128 days ago

Thought for the Day – Rev John Bell is ghastly

1132 days ago

Why can’t we have the only referendum anyone cares about?

1136 days ago

I am green AND a Global Warming sceptic

1142 days ago

Happy Birthday Margaret Thatcher

1144 days ago

Should I report a corporate theft to the Old Bill?

1146 days ago

Piss off Argentina T-Shirts really do Exist: The proof

1155 days ago

Nick Clegg gets it right (for once) – universal benefits must go

1161 days ago

Yet Again, congratulations due to my good friend Zak Mir (and Mrs M)

1163 days ago

West Ham Sunderland – I do not understand Fat Sam

1164 days ago

150 minutes to first Upton Park kick off of the season

1165 days ago

I am officially a friend of Albania at last – Madlands, Murderlands on the way

1168 days ago

My Fellow West Ham fan Ben Bernanke – The Weekly Video is Live

1170 days ago

Weekend TV: Downton is back, Watching for Great Aunt Joan plus Brothers & Sisters

1171 days ago

New Media Stats - Do you Believe 1 of them?

1214 days ago

The Blair Experience – Have Not Albanians suffered enough?

1215 days ago

Conned by the Silver Surfer and his SEO Campaign – Thanks Dad

1216 days ago

A Pheasant in a Pet Shop & a Vlach from Oz by the Pool

1225 days ago

Visiting The Corfu Synagogue – the Meaning of Holocaust

1225 days ago

New Tom Winnifrith video – shooting up Google rankings

1231 days ago

A sharp increase in the cost of smoking & Dodgy websites

1232 days ago

(Lack of) Service Culture, Internet frustration and Greece

1239 days ago

Olivia is 11 – A very Proud father writes..

1250 days ago

Happy Birthday Branwell Bronte

1253 days ago

92% of Doctors are NOT Greedy scumbags

1255 days ago

To have a mobile or not?

1260 days ago

Doing Two Sets of Books at Real Man

1261 days ago

Happy Father’s Day

1262 days ago

Greeks, Lesbians and Vlachs – why my fascination with Greece?

1262 days ago

Beloved Hellas on the road to Hell

1263 days ago

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